Bach flower therapy believes that diseases are a result of disharmony between the spiritual and mental dimensions of man. Bach flower remedies balance the mental dimension of humans and heal the body.


This therapy owes its existence to Dr. Edward Bach, a Harley Street specialist in London.  He found Homeopathy very tedious and time consuming.  In 1930 he began wandering the forests and hills in search of healing plants, which would heal a sick man without any side effects.  Being an intensely spiritual man, he was able to visualize a plant as an aid to healing the mind of the patient, just by meditating on it.

It did not matter to Dr. Bach what physical ailment the patient suffered from, but his main theory was that disease was as a result of disharmony between the spiritual and mental aspects of man.  The conflicting moods, hate and other negative emotions produce much unhappiness and this lowers the “Vital force” and causes disease. His theory was that by balancing the mental side of a person, the ‘vital force’ becomes strong and this heals the body.

There are about 30 popular Bach flower remedies. They are dilutions of the flowers with alcohol and they are dispensed in the liquid form.

Some useful Bach Flower Remedies:

Aspen is a remedy that is useful to combat unknown fears, when the patient is terrified that something terrible is going to happen.

Beech is useful when the patient is very critical and intolerant and always judging others.

Chestnut Bud is very useful for persons who repeatedly make mistakes in life.

Heather suits persons who are self centered with incessant talking.

Holly is useful for persons who are jealous, revengeful, suspicious, and envious and lack love.

Larch is a remedy that suits persons who have no confidence in their own ability and do not make further attempts when they fail.

Rescue Remedy is one of the most popular Bach flower remedies.  It is the combination of Rock Rose (terror and panic), Impatiens (mental stress and tension), Bethlehem (shock), Cherry Plum (desperation), Clemitis (light-headedness).  This remedy is a lifesaver and useful in emergencies.

Conclusion: Bach flower remedies are Holistic. This Alternative system is popular in Europe and can be studied and used by the layman for common mental fears and anxieties.