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Hi, I am Dr. Rajesh Vishwanathan. I am a Family Physician with a deep interest in Diabetes and Alternative Medicine. I live and practice in Mumbai, India. My aim is to make the world a better place by introducing Alternative medicine with the main stream, so as to have an Integrative System of Medicine, that is both gentle and holistic.



The mineral zinc is present all over the body and helps with the healing of wounds and is a vital component of many enzyme reactions.  Zinc is particularly important for healthy skin and is essential for a healthy immune system and resistance to infection.

Functions of Zinc:
  • It plays a crucial role in growth and cell division where it is required for protein and DNA synthesis,
  • In insulin activity,
  • In the metabolism of the ovaries and testes,
  • In liver function, as a component of many enzymes,
  • Zinc is involved in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and energy.

Zinc in our bodies:

  • Our body contains about 2-3g of zinc.
  • There are no specific storage sites known for zinc and so a regular supply in the diet is required.
  • Zinc is found in all parts of our body, 60% is found in muscle, 30% in bone and about 5% in our skin.
  • High concentrations are in the prostate gland and semen. Men need more zinc than women because male semen contains 100 times more zinc than is found in the blood.

What are the signs of Zinc deficiency?

  • The first signs of zinc deficiency are impairment of taste,
  • A poor immune response
  • Hair loss,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Fatigue,
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Decreased growth rate and mental development in infants.
  • Zinc supplementation helps skin conditions such as acne and eczema, prostate problems, anorexia nervosa, alcoholics and those suffering from trauma or post-surgery.
  • Studies have shown that the use of zinc for prevents and shortens the duration of common cold or viral upper respiratory infection.

Vegetarian Dietary Sources of Zinc:

A vegetarian diet often contains less zinc than a meat based diet.

Good sources for vegetarians include dairy products, beans and lentils, yeast, nuts, seeds and wholegrain cereals. Pumpkin seeds provide one of the most concentrated vegetarian food sources of zinc.

Only 20% of the zinc present in the diet is actually absorbed by the body. Dietary fiber and phytic acid, found in bran, wholegrain cereals, pulses and nuts, inhibit zinc absorption. Cooking processes can reduce the adverse effects of both phytic acid and dietary fiber on zinc absorption. Baking can destroy over half the phytic acid in whole meal bread.  Zinc deficiency occurs where a large part of the diet consists of unleavened bread. High levels of the toxic mineral cadmium can also prevent zinc absorption because these two minerals compete for absorption.  Zinc is lost via the faeces, urine, hair, skin, sweat, semen and also menstruation.


Zinc is a micro mineral needed in the diet on a daily basis, but only in very small amounts (50 milligrams or less). The other micro minerals that all humans must get from food are arsenic, boron, cobalt, copper, chromium, fluorine, iodine, iron manganese, molybdenum, nickel, silicon and vanadium.

Zinc is a very important micro-mineral that the body requires and deficiency leads to impairment of bodily and sexual growth.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 166.


 This remedy is derived from the Ergot of Rye.

It is a useful remedy in old subject, who have a shriveled skin and also suits thin scrawny women, who were thin, feeble and cachetic.

This remedy suits subjects whose body is pervaded with great heat within and icy cold from the outside.

This remedy suits contraction of the un-striped muscles fibers and hence it gives rise to a feeling of coldness, numbness and gangrene.

This remedy is suitable, whenever there is hemorrhage, which is thin fetid, black and watery.

This remedy is suitable in subjects with congestive headaches in the back of the head (occiput).

It suits subjects who have falling hair, which is dry and gray.

This remedy is suitable in subjects with nasal bleeding, which is dark and oozing.

This remedy suits subjects, whose eyes are sunken with a blue margin and the face is pale and sunken.

This remedy suits subjects who have an unnatural nervous appetite with unquenchable thirst.

This remedy suits subjects who have coffee ground vomiting with burning in the stomach (as in gastric hemorrhage or in a bleeding peptic ulcer).

This remedy suits subjects with involuntary stools with no sensation of passing stools.

This remedy is suitable in subjects with a paralyzed bladder with retention and unsuccessful urging of urine with a discharge of black blood from the bladder.

This remedy is useful in post-partum hemorrhage.  This remedy is suitable for female subjects with menstrual colic with intolerance to heat.  This remedy is also useful in females with offensive brownish leucorrhoea. This remedy also suits female subjects who have a watery dark and offensive discharge from the uterus after delivering a baby (this discharge is called as lochia).  This remedy suits female subjects who have Puerperal fever (fever after labor) with putrid discharges from the uterus.  This remedy is useful for prolonged ineffectual labor pains.

This remedy is also suitable in Angina Pectoris, with dyspnoea and oppression and boring pain in the chest.

This remedy is useful in the STAGGERING GAIT IN LOCOMOTOR ATAXIA.

This remedy is useful when the fingers and the feet become blue, shriveled and icy cold.  This remedy is extremely useful to combat the violent pain in the fingertips due to Raynaud’s disease.  This remedy is useful to stop the progression of slow gangrene, due to bad and slow circulation in the extremities.

This remedy suits subjects who feel worse from the heat, warm covering and who are better from the cold, uncovering, rubbing and stretching out of the limbs.


 With bleeding in a duodenal ulcer, evidenced by tarry stools more than by bloody vomiting; HAMAMELIS, ERIGERON, TRILLIUM is valuable when hemorrhage is so severe that collapse and heart weakness threatens. SECALE: Bleeding which does not cease.

Dr. Schwarzspt.

 During labor or uterine hemorrhage, SECALE CORNUTUM should be used with great discretion: it is extremely dangerous when there is Albuminuria, for it is liable to bring on convulsions; if used too freely during labor, it is extremely apt to cause puerperal metritis.

Dr. H.C. Allen, M.D.

 My big  ‘5’ in obstetrical hemorrhage are MILLEFOLIUM, PHOSPHORUS, NITRIC ACID, SECALE CORNUTUM and SABINA.

Dr. Krischbaum.

 SECALE CORNUTUM is frequently indicated in Post-partum hemorrhage, but more so IPAECAC.

Dr. Nash, M.D.

The following remedies are useful for high blood pressure: BARYTA CARB, CONIUM, DIGITALIS, OPIUM, SECALE CORNUTUM, TABACUM and URANIUM NITRICUM.

Dr. F.C. Askenstedt.

In arteriosclerotic heart disease, when the pathology is angina pectoris and right heart disease, with cold and blue extremities, intermittent claudication and endarteritis: SECALE CORNUTUM.

Dr. C. C. Boericke, M.D.

Pain in the chest going down both arms; my first thought in angina pectoris cases is SECALE CORNUTUM 12x.  You will find it very satisfactory.

Dr. Garth. W. Boericke, M.D.



A brief history of Holistic Medicine:

 Holistic medicine is not a new system of medicine. It is as old as man’s foray into the world. A fact that is strangely lesser known is that India is the cradle that fostered Holistic medicine. More that 10,000 years ago, we had great physicians like Lord Dhanvantri, Rishis who brought forth the treatises on Ayurveda. Foremost among these great rishis were Sage Charaka and Sage Sushrutha.

The earliest western records credit Hippocrates as being the father of modern medicine, although he did his work more than 400 years before Lord Jesus was born.  But, Hippocrates was a visionary beyond comprehension. He wrote more than sixty books on Medicine. He was truly the father of modern medicine as well as the father or Holistic medicine.

Through the eons, mystics, spiritual persons and passionate men carried on their relentless quest for health. In the 12th century A.D. there was a great Arabian physician called as Rhazes, who emphasized on diet as a mode of treatment.

In the Renaissance period, Europe saw great strides in our understanding of Anatomy. Unfortunately, there was also ignorance. People thought that illness was as a result of demons. Debilitating therapies were in vogue like applying leaches to human beings to take away the “so called bad blood”.


Around two hundred years ago, Franz Anton Mesmer came into the scene and created a new system of cure, which was popularly called as Mesmerism.  Unfortunately, Mesmer had to flee his own country of birth.  About one hundred and fifty years ago, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann came into the scene and he revolutionized medical therapy by introducing Homeopathy, where the dictum of cure was Similia similibus Curentur –which simply means that like cures like.

World war II saw the advent of Penicillin and then man never seemed to look back. The war on the microbes seemed to have been won and a plethora of new antibiotics came onto the scene. Surgical techniques became refined in the seventies, eighties and the nineties and everybody thought that Holistic medicine should be confined to history textbooks. Everywhere it was Allopathy, allopathy and only allopathic.

Holistic Medicine makes a come back:

 With the advent of gross urbanization, mindless industrialization and gross destruction of the environment, a new set of diseases came up and they were Stress related disorders. Then sprang up the viruses like AIDS, SARS and BIRD FLU, just to name a few. In the nineties doctors discovered to their utter horror that existing bugs were becoming resistant to antibiotics and newer super bugs evolved – the MRSA’s, the ESBL’ s, the MDR tuberculosis.  Finally, we have come back one full circle and patients who became fed up of the allopathic system started seeking solace to their ailments through Yoga, Ayurveda, massage, nutritional therapy and Homeopathy. Thus, Holistic medicine has  made a comeback in the latter part of the 20th century and in the early 21st century.

What is Holistic Medicine?

The Canadian Holistic Medical Association defines holistic Medicine as follows.

Holistic medicine is a system of health care, which fosters a cooperative relationship among all those involved, leading towards optimal attainment of the physical, mental emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health.

It emphasizes the need to look at the whole person, including analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual and lifestyle values. Holistic medicine focuses on education and responsibility for personal health.

The other terms associated with Holistic Medicine are:

  • Alternative Medicine.
  • Complementary Medicine
  • Natural Healing.


 Society is undergoing a rapid transition and values are changing. The world needs a spiritual revolution and Holistic medicine will give the world the spin of total health, it needs.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 165.



This remedy is derived from Wild Liquorice.

This remedy suits patients who are suffering from combinations of Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis miasm.

This remedy suits subjects who are despondent, easily offended, ill humored and taciturn.

It is a useful remedy for eruptions following hot weather and vaccinations.

This remedy is also useful in Aphthous ulcers in the mouth (mouth ulcers).

This remedy is useful in colic and backache occurring at the same time.

This remedy is useful when the urine is scanty, slimy, flaky, sandy and bloody. This remedy is useful when there is gravel in the urine with renal colic.  This remedy is useful when the urinary symptoms are marked.  It is useful in Renal Colic, Marasmus and periosteal pain (pain around the bones) due to venereal disease.  This remedy is useful when there is dribbling of urine, while sitting down.  This remedy is useful when the bladder is distended and tender.  This remedy is useful for the tenesmus of the bladder, when the urine passes as a thin stream.

This remedy is useful in children who scream in pain before passing urine.

This remedy is useful when subjects have bloody seminal emissions.

This remedy is useful in removing the intolerable stench of the genitals.  This remedy is useful for Herpes of the genitals.  This remedy alleviates itching on the scrotum and the perineum.

This remedy is useful in female subjects who have withered, small and retracted nipples.

This remedy is also useful in female subjects who have itching and a humid eruption of the forehead.

This remedy is useful when the skin is emaciated, wrinkled and shriveled and lies in folds. (Similar to ABROTANUM & SANICULA).

This remedy is useful for rash that comes on from exposure to open air.  This remedy is suitable for summer skin eruptions.  This remedy is useful in treating non-healing varicose ulcers.

This remedy is useful for paralytic tearing pains in the extremities.  This remedy is useful in rheumatic pains in the bones, which are worse at night.  This remedy is also useful for rheumatism following an attack of gonorrhea.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse from the dampness of the night, after urinating, when yawning, in spring and before menstruation.

Two remedies that follow SARSAPARILLA, to complete the cure are MERCURY AND SEPIA.


 During the very hot months, a great many children and some grown persons present themselves with cutaneous affections –their names are legion. Last year I gave to all such cases small doses 3 times a day of SARSAPARILLA 3rd triturition and never before have I practiced among skin diseases with such satisfaction and such triumph.

Dr. Holcombe.

Eating meat harms you and the planet?


According to Vernon Coleman, eating meat has health hazards because along with the meat you may be consuming hormones, drugs and other chemicals that have been fed to the animals before they were killed. No one knows precisely what effect eating the hormones in meat is likely to have on your health. Some farmers use tranquilizers to keep animals calm. When you eat meat you are, inevitably, eating those drugs. In America, over half of all antibiotics are fed to animals and it must not be a coincidence that there is a sharp rise in the percentage of staphylococci infections resistant to penicillin that have gone up from 13% in 1960 to 91% in 1988.

It is also known that vegetarians visit hospitals about 22 % less than meat eaters and have shorter hospital stays. Vegetarians tend to be fitter and healthier than meat eaters. Many of the world’s most successful athletes follow a strictly vegetarian diet.

What is not well known is that meat eating has devastating environmental consequences.  Take a look at these statistics that are taken from a website called as and then decide for yourself, whether you want to be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.


In the U.S., animals raised for food are fed 70 percent of the corn, wheat, and other grains we grow. The world’s cattle alone consume a quantity of food equal to the caloric needs of 8.7 billion people—more than the entire human population on Earth.

Of all agricultural land in the U.S., 80 percent is used to raise animals for food—that’s almost half the total landmass of the lower 48 states.


Nearly half of all the water consumed in the U.S. for all purposes is used to raise animals for food. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce a pound of meat, but only 60 gallons of water to produce a pound of wheat. A totally vegetarian diet requires 300 gallons of water per day, while a meat-eating diet requires more than 4,000 gallons of water per day.


Raising animals for food causes more water pollution in the U.S. than any other industry because animals raised for food produce 130 times the excrement of the entire human population—87,000 pounds per second! Much of the waste from factory farms and slaughterhouses flows into streams and rivers, contaminating water sources.


Of all raw materials and fossil fuels used in the U.S., more than one-third is used to raise animals for food. The energy needed to produce the food that a meat-eater would burn in walking a given distance is greater than the energy needed to fuel your car to travel the same distance.


Each vegetarian saves an acre of trees every year! The tropical rain forests are being decimated to create grazing land for cattle. The space equivalent to seven football fields is destroyed every minute. Fifty-five square feet of rain forest may be razed to produce just one-quarter pound burger.



Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 164.




 This remedy is derived from the spring waters of Ottawa and it contains various salts.

This remedy suits headstrong, obstinate children, who kick and scream and want to be carried constantly. The child constantly throws himself backward and nothing seems to pacify him.  This remedy suits children who are restless and desire to wander from place to place and sweats profusely during sleep from the head and neck.

 This remedy is useful in incontinence of the urine, seasickness, constipation and rickets.


This remedy has a peculiar symptom in children – DREAD OF DOWNWARD MOTION (like BORAX).

It suits subjects who have profuse watering of the eyes with exposure to cold air.

This remedy is also suitable for motion sickness.

This remedy is useful when the stools are large, heavy and painful.  This remedy is also useful when there is a great straining of stools, when it is expelled only partially and crumbles at the anal verge, with a very offensive odor.

This remedy is useful for leucorrhoea with the odor of fresh brine or old cheese.

It suits subjects, whose skin is dirty, greasy, brownish, wrinkled, with a fissured eczema in the hands and fingers.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse while moving the hands backwards, downward motion, raising arms, from cold winds and damp weather.


 Dr. Boger in his little synoptic key, gives 3 remedies for nail biting; ARSENICUM, SANICULA & HYOSCAMUS. I have found SANICULA most effective in treating this condition.

Dr. Dixon.



The body is like a fine Stradivarius violin. In order to extract sound from this instrument, specific areas of the strings must be stroked of puckered and the proper tension and release employed.

– Deanna J. Naddy.




Thomas A. Bowen (1916-1982) developed this technique in Geelong, Victoria. After serving in World War II.  He noticed that when certain moves were made in the body, it had certain effects.  Bowen was a very humble person and attributed his healing ability as being a gift of God.

The Bowen Technique is a form of light-touch therapy in which the practitioner uses thumbs and fingers to make gentle, rolling-type moves at very precise points around the body. This technique offers many moves to the practitioner and most moves are grouped in sets and they are used in specific parts of the body such as; the shoulder, knees, spine, pelvis and the jaw.

How does the Bowen Technique Work?

 The human body is a self-healing organism. It is not exactly know how this therapy works, but it is believed that the light-touch therapy sends impulses to the brain and it results in muscle relaxation and pain reduction via the autonomic nervous system. The electrical impulses sent to the brain by this technique help the body regain normal movements in joints, muscles and tendons.  This helps in helping the body relax and heal itself. This technique relieves muscle spasm and increases lymph flow. Surprisingly, many of the moves made in this technique are made along acupuncture meridians and points that stimulate the balance of body energy.

A typical Bowen treatment:

 A typical Bowen treatment lasts about 30-45 minutes. Most of the work can be done through light clothing. Oils are never used.

During a session the practitioner uses thumbs and fingers to make rolling type moves on different muscles of the body. The therapist often interrupts the therapy in-between to allow the body to make healing adjustments.

Some patients experience pain relief after just one session. Two or three treatments are usually enough to achieve long-lasting relief. Even long-term conditions may respond very quickly.

Some conditions that get dramatically cured:

The Bowen technique is very useful in treating chronic backache, sciatica, migraine, frozen shoulder, cases of fibromyalgia, in chronic fatigue syndrome and sports injuries.  Promising results have been seen in some cases of severe arthritis.


The Bowen’s technique is very effective and has been steadily been widely embraced by a broad spectrum of people. Healing professionals have been impressed by the capabilities of a Bowen treatment and the diversity of problems addressed.

This technique is an effective, safe and non-pharmacological technique.  Anybody can learn it and there is only one basic move. It is an uncomplicated Alternative therapy and the only post treatment advice that could be common to all patients is to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.


Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 163.



This remedy is derived from the plant called as Bloodroot.

This is a right-sided remedy and affects the mucus membranes of the respiratory tract.

It is a suitable remedy for headache, which is periodical, weekly, every three days.  The headache is associated with bitter vomiting.  It is suitable for headache and neuralgia on the right side, beginning in the occiput (back of the head) and spreading over the face and settling in the right eye, with a feeling as if the forehead would burst, and the subject feels better after lying down or sleeping in a dark room. The headache is also better by rubbing, pressure and worse from mental and physical exertion.  It is suitable for menopausal headaches.

It is suitable in hay fever with chronic watery discharge from the nose.

This remedy is also useful for polyps in the nose.

It is a great chest remedy with rust colored sputum (similar to Bryonia), associated with sharp stitching pain in the right lung.

It is a suitable remedy for subjects who have tickling behind the sternum with a constant hacking cough, day and night, which is worse while lying down.

It suits subjects, who have pain in the right side of the chest, through the right shoulder.  It suits subjects with excess dyspnoea with a desire to breath deeply.

It is useful in subjects with rheumatic pains in the right shoulder who find it difficult to move their arm.  It suits subjects whose have burning in the soles of their feet.

It suits subjects who have eruptions on the face, worse during the menstrual period.  It suits subjects, who have a flushed face with flashes of heat and distension of the veins, with burning sensation in the feet and palms, with a feeling of a rush of blood in the head.

It is an extremely good menopausal remedy.  It is good for hot flushes of heat.

This remedy is useful in allergic complaints, which are worse from cold, odors of flowers, colds, diarrhea, colds, and leucorrhoea.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse from sweets, right side, motion and touch.  It also suits subjects who are better from acidic food, sleep and darkness.


I know of no remedy to take the place of SANGUINARIA in edema of the glottis, secondary to Acute Pharyngitis.

Dr. Irvins.

 In threatened phthisis (tuberculosis) with a bad bronchial cough after Pneumonia or Bronchitis, with foul smelling sputum, noticed by the patients, SANGUINARIA will often clear the atmosphere.

Dr. T. K. Moore, M.D.

 One can hardly be successful in whooping cough without SANGUINARIA.  It may of use early before it has really gotten a start, but its greatest use is at the end where the cough returns every time the patient takes a cold.

Dr. Lehman.

 These three – SANGUINARIA, IRIS and MELILOTUS together with PULSATILLA & IPAECAC can have and will take care of most headaches.  And this is not after the manner of Aspirin and its companion sedatives, but when carefully matched, it removes it lock stock and barrel.

Dr. T. K. Moore, M.D.



Manganese is a micronutrient that is nutritionally essential.  The effects of manganese are not fully understood and it is perhaps appropriate that it derives its name from the Greek word – which means magic.  People in UK are least likely to have Manganese deficiency because of their tea drinking habits.

Manganese has recently come under the scanner because excessive levels in the atmosphere is said to result in violent behavior in humans.

Sources of Manganese:
  • Tea
  • Wheat germ
  • Spinach
  • Split peas
  • Nuts
  • Oat germ
  • Oatmeal,
  • Pineapple
  • Green leafy vegetables.
Recommended daily allowance for Manganese:

US RDA: 2.5-7mg per day.

Why is Manganese so essential?
  • It is essential for smooth functioning of the brain
  • Manganese is an antioxidant nutrient that is important in the breakdown of amino acids and the production of energy.
  •    It is necessary for the metabolism of Vitamin B-1 and Vitamin E and it activates various enzymes, which are important for proper digestion & utilization of foods.
  •   Manganese is a catalyst in the breakdown of fats and cholesterol.
  •   It is necessary for normal skeletal development, and helps to maintain sex hormone production and to regulate blood sugar levels.
  •   Manganese super oxide dismutase (MnSOD) is the principal antioxidant enzyme, which helps the proper functioning of mitochondria, the powerhouse in our cells.
  •   Arginase, another manganese-containing enzyme, is required by the liver for the urea cycle, a process that detoxifies ammonia generated during amino acid metabolism.
  •   Manganese deficiency results in abnormal skeletal development.
  •   Manganese is required for wound healing.
  • Excessive levels of manganese can cause violent behavior:

Every cell in the human body uses manganese, and a deficiency of it will lead to death.  But too much of it, some experts say, can make a person prone to violence and certain mental disorders, particularly attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Excess of manganese has been long suspected of causing violent behavior in high doses. In California legislators have decided to monitor manganese levels in the air

It is believed that manganese and iron share a common absorption and transport pathways.  Absorption of manganese from a meal is reduced as the meal’s iron content is increased.

In one study it was found that young men who were fed a low-manganese diet developed decreased serum cholesterol levels and a transient skin rash. Blood calcium, phosphorus, and alkaline phosphatase levels were also elevated, which may indicate increased bone remodeling as a consequence of insufficient dietary manganese.

Manganese deficiency symptoms include:
  • Pain in the joints.
  • High blood sugar and altered lipid metabolism.
  • Bone/disc problems.
  • Poor memory.
  • Impaired growth,
  • Impaired reproductive function,

Manganese supplementation, in combination with calcium, zinc and copper, showed efficacy in postmenopausal osteoporosis. Manganese in combination with glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate was helpful in treating knee osteoarthritis pain.  Manganese is also said to be useful in alleviating some PMS symptoms, including anxiety, depression, irritability and mood swings.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 162.





This remedy is derived from the tree called as ELDER.

 The keynote symptom of this remedy is THE RESPIRATORY ORGANS.

It suits subjects, who have a hoarseness of the voice with a tenacious mucous.  It suits subjects with a suffocating cough, beginning around midnight with crying or shortness of breath.  It is a suitable remedy for spasmodic cough.

It is suitable for snuffles in infants (blockage of the nose), when the nose is dry and obstructed and the infant is forced to let go of the nipple and cannot breathe, while suckling.  This remedy suits children, when they suddenly wake up and cannot breathe out and go blue.

This remedy also suits subjects, who cannot breathe and go blue.

This remedy is useful for the bad effects of violent mental emotions, and for combating the bad effects of excessive sexual indulgence.

It suits subjects who have dry heat in the body with profuse sweating.

This remedy is useful for edema of the various parts of the body, especially the lower limbs.

It is also useful for aliments that come on during the sleep, worse from midnight, forcing the patient to sit up and making him worse on lying on the left side, or with the head low.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse from cold drinks, while over heated and worse from cold dry air.


 When the child has been frightened and suffocative attacks set in with bluish, bloated face, SAMBUCUS NIGRA is useful.

Dr. Krischbaum.

In the suffocating cough of children, waking them up in the middle of the night and accompanied by sibilant wheezing and great dyspnoea, but without croup, I have found small doses of SAMBUCUS Q of the most rapid service.

Dr. Bayes.

I have myself found SAMBUCUS NIGRA of great use in checking those debilitating perspirations, which often retard convalescence after delivery.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.