Health benefits of Custard apple.


Custard apples contain anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, which helps to fight free radicals in our body. It is also high in potassium and magnesium that protects our heart from cardiac disease. It is useful in controlling our blood pressure. Custard apples contain Vitamin A, which keeps your skin and hair healthy. This fruit is also known to be great for eyes, and cures indigestion problems. It’s important to include this fruit in your diet, as the copper content helps to cure constipation, and helps to treat diarrhoea and dysentery.

As they are high in magnesium, they equalise the water balance in our body, which helps in removing acids from the joints and reduces the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis. If you feel tired and weak more often than usual, then have this fruit in your daily diet, as the potassium present in it will help to fight muscle weakness.

It is also good for people suffering from anaemia. If you want to put on some weight, include this in your daily diet chart. Custard apple contains natural sugar, and hence makes great nutritious snacks and even desserts!

Benefits of Custard apple:

Healthy Weight

If you need to gain weight then this fruit is your best friend because it helps in a health

During Pregnancy

This fruit helps in development of the brain and the immunity system of the fetus. Regular consumption of this fruit reduces the chances of a miscarriage and even eases out the labour pain. This fruit also helps the mother to cope with mood swings, morning sickness, fights nausea and numbness.  

Prevents Asthma

Since the fruit is a good source of vitamin B6, it reportedly helps deal with the bronchial inflammation and therefore helps in preventing asthmatic attacks.

For Hair & Skin

Custard apple has a high amount of vitamin A and is good for anti-ageing, good eyesight and even helps in treating boils.

Prevents Heart Attacks

Custard apple has magnesium which helps our heart in defending it from cardiac attack and can help relax the muscles.  

For Diabetics

It is really good for those with diabetics as they have dietary fibre which helps in slowing down the absorption of sugar and also reduces the risk of having type-2 diabetes.


This is the season of Custard Apple also called as sitaphal by many in India. This fruit actually has a number of health benefits. It helps in preventing acidity, heals ulcers, is good for those who want to put on weight in a healthy way, and is amazing for skin and health and more.