The sun is present every day of our lives and many cultures have worshiped it as a God. Heliotherapy is an alternate therapy that argues that the sun can heal, if we properly sunbathe.

Benefits of the sun:


It contributes to the production of endorphins. These are substances that make us feel “good”, and therefore induce antidepressant effect and promote a sense of well being.
Exposure to sunlight promotes the synthesis of vitamin D, essential for bone health.
It relaxes blood vessels and favors good circulation and activates the production of red blood cells.

It improves circulation in the skin by dilatation capillaries found in the skin surface. So it can help heal injuries from the skin faster.

Induces sweating and enables the body to release toxins.
It improves the immune system by increasing the amount of white blood cells.
Exposure to sunlight has an antiseptic effect. Bacteria are unable to reproduce or die in solar radiation.



Sun exposure should be gradual, and progressive, so that our skin can get used to it. Avoid sun between 11am and 2 pm. This is because these are the hours when solar radiation is generally more intense. It is best to do sunbathing in the early morning or late afternoon. It is best to begin with a session of 10-15 minutes, and then as your skin will adapt, add 5 or 10 minutes in length, up to a maximum of 50 minutes. Another way to start is by exposing only a part of our body; we can start with the feet, and as the days pass, gradually increase the surface of the skin that is exposed until the entire body. It is recommended to change positions every five minutes, so that all our body receives energy from the sun. In the last part of the solar bath, wrap yourself in a light blanket to promote sweating, and thus expel toxins. It is also better to moisturize your body during sun bath.


Sunbathing is useful for cleansing the body, for better bone health and improving skin circulation.