Homeopaths are against vaccination.


The vaccination controversy is very sticky.  But consider these facts dispassionately. It is a well-known fact that ever since mass vaccinations of infants began, there have been endless reports of serious brain, cardiovascular, metabolic disease like diabetes.  In fact, the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine has been used to induce encephalomyelitis, which is characterized by brain swelling and hemorrhage in the brain.  Indiscriminate vacation has also been incriminated in the increase incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and increased cases of autism.

The parental dilemma:

Parents are always in a dilemma. If they do not vaccinate their children and if the children get a disease like polio, they face a lifetime of grief and guilt.  There are legal issues that can also accrue.  The state may take charge of the children and the parents can face imprisonment in some countries.

On the other hand, vaccination reactions take place within seven days of vaccination and the symptoms can include paralysis, convulsions, nausea, diarrhea, fever, central nervous system disorders, brain inflammation, permanent brain damage and even death of the child.

Homeopaths use nosodes:

Nosodes belong to those classes of remedies that are prepared from disease products.  Many homeopaths use nosodes to try and protect children from illness and these serve as an alternative to immunizations

Some examples of nosodes are:


  • Pertussin made from the infected sputum of a case of whooping cough. This nosode is useful in preventing and treating whooping cough.
  • The nosode used in Measles is Morbillinum.
  • In Mumps
  • In tetanus prevention – Ledum palustre.

Different homeopaths prefer different potencies. But, most use the 200C potency, which act as good homeopathic vaccinations.

Other homeopathic remedies for common childhood infections:

Homeopathy heals in all realms of life including the physical, mental, emotional as well as inherited or genetic weaknesses.  It is possible to prevent diseases in homeopathy by giving nosodes. It is also possible to correct and prevent vaccine reactions and prevent many childhood diseases with this marvelous system of alternative therapy.
Aconitum Napellus: This is a grand remedy in the early stage of fever where the fever is associated with fear and anguish of the mind. It relieves physical and mental restlessness.

Apis Mellifica: this is a good remedy for swelling, puffiness, edema, stinging pain, soreness, and intolerance of heat, touchiness and red rosy hue of various body parts. This remedy is also useful in hives and after bee stings.

Chamomilla: This remedy is useful for children with peevishness, restlessness and who have abdominal colic. This remedy is suited for children who are extremely sensitive to pain..

Hypericum Perforatum: This remedy is useful in ameliorating the excessive pain after punctured wounds.

Ledum Palustre: This considered to be a homeopathic anti-tetanus vaccine. This is a specific remedy for puncture wounds produced by sharp-pointed instruments or bites.

Pulsatilla: This is a great remedy for stuffy cold, where the child is weepy and temperamental.

Silicea: This is a specific remedy for ill effects of vaccinations. The child who requires silicea will lack vital heat and has prostration of the body and the mind.

Thuja Occidentalis: this is another specific remedy for ill effects of vaccinations. It counteracts any adverse skin reactions and diarrhea or brain damage after vaccinations. In addition it has a specific anti bacterial action.  It is also useful in neuralgias after immunizations.

A word of caution:

It is better to consult a competent homeopath before taking an informed decision either for or against immunizing your children.  These remedies can be taken individually or found in a formula for a broader therapeutic spectrum against vaccination reactions.

These remedies will cover the broad variety of symptoms associated with vaccination reactions, which include inflammation at the site of vaccination, , swelling, edema, hives, restlessness, sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, headaches, nervous changes, fear and anxiety.

When parents decide to use homeopathy for their children, they have the better of the two worlds. They can be free of fear of getting into legal trouble with the state and they can also give the vaccines, knowing fully well that the use of homeopathy will ward off adverse reactions.

As an allopathic physician who has learnt alternative medicine, I find it very difficult to take a stubborn stand against vaccination. I prefer the middle path. I advise my patients to judiciously immunize their children and then take homeopathic remedies to prevent vaccine reactions.

But, deep in my heart I do believe that we should not unduly tamper with the immune system with indiscriminate vaccination. Naturally occurring diseases confer much better immunity than the immunity conferred by vaccines.

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