My grandmother’s awesome home remedies Part – 10.


Summer Boils.

In the summer vacation we used to be in our native place with grandma and we used to get summer boils often. My grandma was a wizard and she had many solutions for the same.


Warm compresses:
She used to give us frequent application of a warm compress and this used to help boils heal without requiring a visit to the doctor. Once the boil ruptured and emptied itself of infectious waste, the sore can began to heal.


Garlic with onion:

She used to also take garlic juice together with onion juice in equal quantity and apply it on the boils in order to ripen them and then break them to expel the pus.


Cumin seeds:

She used to make a paste of cumin seeds with water. She used to apply this paste on boils in order to get rid of boils.


Bitter gourd:

Bitter gourd can also be a very effective remedy for boils. She used to take 1 cup bitter gourd juice, add one teaspoon of lime juice. She used to make us sip it slowly on an empty stomach. It used help in curing boils.


Ginger is one of the most common boil home remedies. She used to grate fresh ginger and pack on top of the boil. She used to do this twice a day. The purpose of the ginger is to increase blood flow to the boil, which will bring it to a head faster. It may turn your skin red and this is normal.


Egg whites:

We were strict vegetarians but sometime Grandma would spread beaten egg whites on the boil and cover with a bandage. This would speed drying and healing of the boil.


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