My grandmother’s awesome home remedies Part – 3.

Runny nose.



During the summer holidays we used to always be in the village pond with our heads full of oil. As a result of this, we used to constantly have a runny nose. Grandma had many remedies for this and we never used to go the physician and take antibiotics or cold medications.

Some of grandma’s remedies were:

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To treat cold, she used to make a paste of ginger, clove, rock salt and honey. She used to give us about half spoon of this home remedy for cold two times in a day to treat and cure cold.


Sometimes she used to put few drops of almond oil in our nostrils and it used to work wonders…


Sometimes grandma used to treat nose blockage by giving us steam with few drops of eucalyptus oil.

She used to increase our intake of fruits and food rich in Vitamin C.  She used to insist that we eat more of. oranges, amla, grapes, sweet lime to help  protect and prevent cold.


For adults who had a runny nose, grandma would make ginger tea by boiling ginger into water before boiling tea leaves to get good results to treat cold.


She also made delectable balls of jiggery mixed with ginger and roasted sesame seeds. This was a great remedy to open up chocked sinuses.


Personally she used to take half a spoon of turmeric powder twice a day as a preventative home remedy for cold and flu.

She recommended that we start the day by drinking lukewarm water with honey and lemon juice to prevent colds.


I recall all our elders consuming  Betel leaves (Pan) juice. I now understand that it is a good way to treat cold and sneezing at home..

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