My grandmother’s awesome home remedies Part – 4.

Natural Remedies for Mouth ulcers.



Mouth ulcers may be caused by stress and anxiety, hormonally changes, eating highly processed foods such as chocolate, coffee, cheese and wheat flour. Mouth ulcers can also be caused among other things due to toothpaste additives and smoking.

Grandma’s remedies:



She used to mix Jambul fruit with sugar and salt. Then she used to add some fenugreek power and stir this mixture vigorously. She then added a paste of Basil (Tulsi) leaves to this. She added a paste of poppy seeds to this and further stirred the paste.


She then added some coconut milk and honey to the mixture. She used to make this fresh every day and we used to drink one glass full thrice a day and the mouth ulcers would disappear in a few days.


Jambul fruit contains many flavinoids and phenols that are loaded with carotene, protein, minerals and vitamins.

 Basil leaves are adaptogens that are useful in combating stress.

Honey is a restorative and has anti-microbial effects and helps in tissue growth.

Poppy seeds and coconut have a cooling effect on the body.

So, much of the concoctions that my grandma made were actually scientific and sound.


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