My grandmother’s awesome home remedies Part- 7




As we were growing up and when we were in our teens, we had crops of pimples on our face and we thought that that was the end of the world for us. My grandmother had many wonderful recipes for that and we always ran to her before we consulted our doctors.

Natural Remedies:

images2 Sandalwood index3



Wood sorrel

index5Leebeck tree flower

She used to take some sandal wood, and turmeric, wood sorrel and lebbeck tree flower and grind all these ingredients and apply the paste on the pimples.

index6Quassia indica leaves

She also added Quassia indica leaves. These leaves have potent antibacterial properties and have ether and ethanol extracts that exhibit antibiotic properties against several skin pathogens

index7 Dry ginger

When the skin was oily she used dry ginger and mixed it water and applied it on our pimples.

index8Basil leaves index9Camphor


No South Indian household remedy was complete without Basil leaves and she used to grind Basil leaves and camphor and apply it on our pimples. Basil leaves contain volatile oils that have therapeutic effects against pimples.

index10 Sesbania grandiflora

When the pimples were stubborn and nothing worked, Grandma used spinach leaves (Sesbania grandiflora) called in our language as Keerai.

index11 Black pepper index12Garlic index 12

Abutilon leaves

She used to grind these leaves in water to make a paste and she used to mix a dash of black pepper, garlic and abutilon leaves with castor oil and make a paste which she used to apply on our pimples.

This used to work magically and I must say that most of us cousins have good skin thanks to the efforts of our grandma.



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