My grandmother’s awesome home remedies Part – 9.

Menstrual cramps.



Many of my female cousins suffered from severe menstrual cramps as they were growing up and they were severely incapacitated.


My grandmother was equal to the task and she made a brew of the following:


Basil leaves. This can relieve some of the normal pain associated with menstruation because it contains caffeic acid, which has an analgesic, or pain-killing, effect.


Cinnamon powder: This has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. She added a few teaspoonfuls to the brew.


Fennel. This was another sure shot cramp cure.  This spice is said to promote better circulation to the ovaries. fennel seeds into a powder. Add to 1 cup boiling water, steep five minutes, strain, and drink hot.


Ginger. This is a cramp reliever, and as an added bonus it sometimes can make irregular periods regular. Tea may be the most effective form, however: put 1/2 teaspoon in 1 cup boiling water, and drink three times a day.


Mint. Either peppermint or wintergreen can relieve cramps. Steep into a tea and drink a cup or two a day. Try sucking on mint candy, too.

images7Mustard powder

Mustard. She used to add a tablespoon or two of powdered mustard to the brew and this used to relieve cramps.

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