Natural remedies for Kidney Stones.


1 in 10 Indians will have a kidney stone in their lifetime, and there are nearly half a million people seeking hospital emergency care for kidney stones – each year!

Role of Diet in the formation of stones:

Diets high in sodium, processed sugars and processed animal products are a cause for kidney stone formation. Bad food choices are a primary reason for the development of kidney stones.

Natural remedies for kidney stones:

There are a handful of natural remedies that work wonders on kidney stones, and helping to prevent them.

  • Pomegranate juice is one of the most effective remedies for kidney stone. Pomegranate juice has astringent properties and these help in kidney stone busting.

Dandelion root:

This is an excellent kidney tonic and overall kidney cleanser.  Dandelion root comes in extract form as well as tea, tablet, and capsule form.

  • Magnesium a hidden kidney stone remedy:

Magnesium is needed for nearly every process in the body and studies have shown that magnesium may be a useful remedy for kidney stones.   In fact, one particular study found that magnesium supplementation caused a 92.3% improvement rate in the reduction of kidney stones!

  • Basil is one of nature’s finest kidney cleanser:

Basil serves as an excellent all natural way to cleanse the kidney. Basil tea, in particular, has been shown to be an excellent kidney toner for overall kidney health.

  • Chanca pierda

This herb has been shown to inhibit calcium oxalate crystals.   Chanca pierda has been used for many years in Central and South America as a treatment for kidney stones, and its common name literally translates to “stone breaker.”  This medicinal herb has been found to inhibit the formation of the calcium oxalate crystals, and there is a possibility that this herb may be able to help break up already existing stones.


There are many natural remedies for kidney stones and they must not be tried without expert medical supervision.