Old fashioned home remedies that actually work- Part 3.


Continuing on our series of ancient home remedies, let us explore some more home remedies.

Garlic for Allergies

Garlic contains a lot of the antioxidant quercetin, which eases allergy symptoms. Even onions work as well.

Buttermilk and Ginger for Diarrhea

If you don’t have cumin on hand, another weird-but-effective home remedy for diarrhea is to mix half of a teaspoon of dry ginger into a cup of buttermilk, and drink it. It is a magical home remedy for diarrhea.

Use garlic to drive away mosquitoes

For protection against mosquito bites, rub garlic oil on your skin.

Yams for Menopause

Yams contain vitamin A, lower your cholesterol, and are rich in antioxidants incorporate yams into your regular daily diet. This will help with common menopause symptoms.

Try Vodka for stinky feet

Having trouble with foot odor?  Just soak a thin cloth in some vodka, swipe your foot down, and feel the smell go away. Magically.

Cumin, Honey, Cinnamon and Ginger for Diarrhea

Use a tea made of cumin seeds, honey, cinnamon and ginger and it cures diarrhea like magic. 

Lemons for an Earache

Pain in the ears can be soothed by the application of freshly-squeezed lemons. Just squeeze a lemon onto a Q-tip, and delicately rub this just inside the ear to restore pH balance.

Stinging Nettle for Hair Loss

For hair fall, use stinging nettle, an herb often used for tea. Drinking stinging nettle tea a few times a day should help, and you can also massage stinging nettle itself in your scalp.

Cure Nausea with Olives

Eating olives can cure nausea. This is due to the tannin inside them.

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