Refined Sugar – the sweet poison


Sugar was once called “white death”.  It deserves 100% of this title. It is a key factor in most degenerative diseases. We must understand its dangers and limit its consumption.

Dangers of refined sugar:

Sugar causes blood glucose to spike and plummet.   Unstable blood sugar often leads to mood swings, fatigue, headaches and cravings for more sugar.

Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Sugar interferes with immune function.
Research on human subjects is scant, but animal studies have shown that sugar suppresses immune response.  More research is needed to understand the exact mechanisms; however, we do know that bacteria and yeast feed on sugar and that, when these organisms get out of balance in the body, infections and illness are more likely.

A high-sugar diet often results in chromium deficiency.
If you consume a lot of sugar and other refined carbohydrates, you probably don’t get enough of the trace mineral chromium, and one of chromium’s main functions is to help regulate blood sugar.

Sugar accelerates aging.
It even contributes to that telltale sign of aging and sagging skin.

Sugar causes tooth decay.

Sugar can cause gum disease, which can lead to heart disease.
Increasing evidence shows that chronic infections, such as those that result from periodontal problems, play a role in the development of coronary artery disease. The most popular theory is that the connection is related to widespread effects from the body’s inflammatory response to infection.

Sugar affects behaviour and cognition in children.
Sugar increases stress.
When we’re under stress, our stress hormone levels rise; these chemicals are the body’s fight-or-flight emergency crew, sent out to prepare the body for an attack or an escape.

Sugar takes the place of important nutrients.
According to USDA data, people who consume the most sugar have the lowest intakes of essential nutrients––especially vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B-12, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and iron.


It is a pity that the majority of us truly have no idea how devastating sugar really is to our health. The world’s consumption of sugar or processed carbohydrate that converts to sugar has grown to enormous proportions in the last century. It is estimated that the average Western person consumes about 10 –200lb of this highly processed substance each

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 138.




 This remedy is derived from Oxalic acid, which is a crystalline dibasic salt.

It suits subjects, who are sensitive to cold and worse from thinking.

It also suits subjects who are worse from exertion.

It suits persons who are allergic to coffee and they get diarrhea.

It is useful for those subjects, who pass oxalate crystals in their urine.

This remedy is useful in persons who have lost their voice and have palpitation and difficulty in breathing.  It suits persons who get palpitation on breathing.

This remedy is useful in pains, which come in violent streaks, with burning from the lower part of the chest and epigastrium, worse from motion, cutting, shooting, stitching and tearing in many parts and with a sore and bruised feeling all over the body.

This remedy is also useful in ulcers in the gums that are painful.

This remedy is useful when the patients have sour eructation with tasteless feeling after eating, nausea in pregnancy and colic in the abdomen, which is intermittent, relieved by passing flatus.

Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin.


Vitamin D is sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced in your skin in response to sunlight. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin in a family of compounds that includes vitamins D-1, D-2, and D-3. It can affect as many as 2,000 genes in your body.  The body produces vitamin D naturally when it’s directly exposed to sunlight. Besides getting vitamin D through sunlight, you can also get it through certain foods and supplements to ensure adequate levels of the vitamin in your blood.

Importance of Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is essential for maintaining your health. Almost all of us at one point or another have experienced low vitamin D levels. Symptoms often manifest as poor energy, insomnia, compromised immune system and mood imbalance.

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency:

Muscle Weakness is a symptom that is predominantly experienced in muscles around the hip. This symptom usually leads to the classic ‘waddling gait’ in adults.

Bone aches and pain.  Vitamin D works closely with the parathyroid hormone (PTH), required for maintaining sufficient levels of calcium in the blood. If you’re suffering from vitamin D deficiency, the parathyroid gland produces PTH in excess, causing the dissolution of calcium from the bones. As a result, you may suffer from pain that feels like it is originating from your bones.

Chronic fatigue:   Bone pain and muscle aches lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Mood swings: Adequate levels of vitamin D are required for regulating the levels of a neurotransmitter called serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a hormone that is responsible for inducing good happy feelings.

Sleep disturbances: Serotonin regulates sleep cycle. Low vitamin D levels not only affect sleep cycle regulation but also control the pattern of sleep.

Digestive problems: Useful bacteria residing in our gut play an important role in keeping our digestive system healthy. Unfortunately, lack of vitamin D is detrimental to these bacteria. So lack of vitamin D indirectly leads to poor digestion.

Other benefits of Vitamin D   It Can Cut the Risk of Breast Cancer, reduce the risk of Multiple sclerosis and reduces the risk of dementia and even said to control blood pressure.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 137.



This remedy is derived from gummy exudation of the unripe capsule of Poppy.

It is a remedy which suits subjects, who are depressed, drowsy or in a state of stupor, with a general sluggishness of vital reaction.  This remedy is good for ailments, which arise from fear, fright, anger, shame, sudden joy and alcohol.

It is considered to be a good remedy in epilepsy associated with vertigo, drowsiness, inertia and torpor with an absence of any neurological reaction.

It suits subjects, whose complaints are associated with painlessness and a lack of vital reaction.  It suits subjects, who want nothing, and have a complete loss of consciousness.

This remedy is useful in Apoplexy of drunkards, with stertorous breathing and dilated pupils.  It is a useful remedy for Delirium tremens.  It is useful when a subject has delirium with wide-open eyes.

It is useful in vertigo in old persons and in vertigo after fright.

It suits subjects, who have a red face, look intoxicated, who are blabbering with difficulty in clear articulation and swallowing.

It suits subjects, who have a hard bloated abdomen, and during colic there is an urging for stool with discharge of hard feces.

It is useful in OBSTINATE CONSTIPATION, with no desire to go for stool, and the stools recede and have a black and offensive and are frothy.

It is useful in subjects, who are prone to deep snoring, with a rattling stertorous breathing.

It is useful in subjects with deep intermittent unequal respiration with great drowsiness, and the subject falls into a heavy stupid sleep.

It is a useful remedy for subjects who have pleasant amorous dreams.

It is useful in fever with stupor, when the pulse is full and slow with lots of perspiration.

This remedy suits subjects, who are worse in the heat, during and after sleep and are better from cold things and constant walking.


 The condition, which most frequently calls for OPIUM is paralytic ileus after an abdominal section.  There is a loop of bowel, which is completely paralyzed, accompanied by reversed peristalsis and the pumping of bile back into the stomach. The patient is horribly sick and bringing up masses of bile – stained, rather foul smelling vomit and has an extreme sensation of abdominal distension. I think that is the commonest condition in which you get paralytic ileus, you find there is a history that OPIUM or one of its derivatives has been given before or after operation.

Dr. D. M. Borland, M.B, Ch.B.

Occasionally OPIUM is useful post-operatively when an old fright is presumably re-stimulated by another frightening experience.

Dr. Foubister, M.B., Ch.B, D.C.H.

You may find OPIUM indicated in that very dangerous condition, Strangulation of bowels. There are violent colicky pains and vomiting of matters having fecal odor.

Dr. E. A. Farrington, M.D.

When you have before you a body, which is doing nothing, no sweating, nothing, you think of only one remedy, OPIUM. OPIUM is just the situation where there is no sweat; no stool no movement there (comatose).

Dr. Pierre Schmidt, M.D.

OPIUM is indicated when retention of urine follows parturition. I have twice confirmed.

Dr. E. A. Farrington, M.D.

It is most important to trace convulsions to their origin. It may be found that these manifestations date back many years to the fright of the nursing mother, when OPIUM will serve well.

Hom. Recorder, Feb ’32.

OPIUM is a drug (in Homeopathic preparation) to be thought of for those abnormal children whose moral sense has never been developed, who lie and steal, and are heading for a mental institution.

 Dr. Tyler, M.D.


Dr. Younan, M.B. C.M.

If a patient has had enuresis or other psychosomatic illness beginning after discharge from a hospital, it is worthwhile to remember OPIUM, if apparently indicated remedies fail.

Dr. Foubister, M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H.

I know of some people who are made absolutely sleepless by Opium in all sorts of doses, and OPIUM 30 has helped me in cases of sleeplessness, as often as COFFEA. My experience goes to show that whether the drug- effect is primary or secondary, it is a drug-effect and is good for prescribing.

Dr. Clarke, M.D

Importance of a strong metabolism


A healthy metabolism is not merely to have a thin body. A healthy metabolism is also  beneficial for fertility, a good immune function, lean muscle mass, lower rates of degenerative diseases and infectious diseases, brain functionality, longevity, having more energy

The brain is the best benefiter of a good metabolism because of its extremely high demands for energy.  Metabolism naturally and constantly slows after age 40. This means that as you age, you need to start increasing your metabolism in order to maintain your health and be youthful.

Determinants of a good metabolism:

They include your gender, genetic makeup, age, hormonal health, body composition (percent of muscle mass and fat), and level of activity. Your metabolic rate has a big effect of on your energy levels, mood, and appearance because it determines how well you can “burn” calories.

Signs that your metabolism is sluggish:

  • feeling cold,
  • ongoing fatigue
  • dry skin
  • thinning hair
  • brittle fingernails
  • trouble sleeping through the night
  • bloating after eating
  • constipation
  • mood disorders like depression and anxiety
  • frequently urinating
  • struggling to lose weight
  • trouble concentrating
  • food allergies
  • low energy levels
  • getting sick more often

How to improve your metabolism:

Getting good sleep is a way to health. When the body is fatigued it slows down the metabolism in order to save energy. Lack of sleep is associated with high cortisol levels which are connected with weight gain, poor mental functioning, and becoming resistant to insulin.

Eat Metabolism Boosting Foods to Your Diet:

Add metabolism boosting foods to your diet such as garlic, cayenne pepper, chilli, cinnamon, ginger, green tea, and apple cider vinegar.

Avoid Unhealthy Foods

  • processed foods
  • sugary drinks
  • artificial ingredients and sweeteners
  • low-quality animal and dairy products


Eating enough every day is critical for hormonal, cognitive, and overall health.  It is especially important to consume calories from various unprocessed whole foods.  Eat well and experience better digestion, positive moods and a desire to be active and more stable blood sugar levels.  By eating enough you’ll have more motivation to be active, gain muscle mass and strength quicker, and feel less fatigued.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 136.



It suits subjects, who have a lack of will power and concentration and co-ordination.

It is a great remedy for MIGRAINE.

It is useful in subjects, who have headaches from eyestrain.

It is useful in subjects with sexual neurasthenia.

It is useful in subjects, who have pain in the eyeballs between the orbits.

It suits subjects who have a craving for iced-water and cold drinks.

It is useful in psychological impotence in male with a loss of desire, speedy emissions and deficient erections.

It is useful in subjects, who have uterine pains with a complete destruction of the sexual desire.

It suits female subjects, whose menstruation is too early and too prolonged.

It suits female subjects, who have acrid, yellow and profuse leucorrhoea.

It suits subjects who have a staggering gait, great muscular weakness and weariness.

It suits subjects, who are worse with motion, jar and tight clothing.

It suits persons who feel better when they are undressed, lying on the back, from cold drinks and after eating.





 Kinesiology is an Alternative therapy, which is both diagnostic as well as therapeutic.  It holds that various muscles are associated with specific organs and glands, and that a weakness in a muscle can signal a problem elsewhere in the body (for example, a weak deltoid muscle may signify a problem in the lungs or a nutritional deficiency affecting the respiratory system).  Likewise, correcting a muscular problem can relieve a disorder in associated organs (for example, strengthening the leg muscles can correct the function of the adrenal gland). However, Allopathic physicians dismiss this therapy completely and say that it has no role in scientific health care.

The treatment:


Most Kinesiologists analyze the posture, gait and range of joint movement. A muscle is that stays fixed is considered to be strong or locked and muscle that gives way immediately is considered weak or unlocked.  A practitioner may ask the patient to touch various areas of the body when he repeats the muscle testing.  This is believed to help isolate the source of trouble within the body.  While evaluating nutritional deficiencies, the therapists may assess the muscle strength while touching various points along the Acupuncture meridians.  Some practitioners also test nutrients by placing them on the tongue for 10 to 20 seconds at a time. If a taste of a substance strengthens a muscle, it means that the patient has a particular deficiency.

Treatment varies according to the diagnosis, but may include deep massage, joint manipulation and realignment, cranial therapy, meridian therapy, nutritional therapy and diet management.

The aims of therapy:

  • To make a non-equipment assessment of a patient’s health status.
  • To restore the faulty gait and posture and to improve the range motion
  • To restore normal neuromuscular function.
  • To achieve a normal endocrine, immune, digestive and other internal functions.
  • To permit early intervention in degenerative disease.


Kinesiology has come for a lot of criticism because improper muscle test results can occur when there is nerve dysfunction, nutritional inadequacy, toxic chemicals, meridian imbalance or poor blood or lymph circulation. Kinesiology should only be used as an adjunct to conventional treatments.



Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 135.




 This remedy is derived from Strychnos Nux vomica, which is the seed of a plant belonging to the natural order of Loganiaceae.

It is one of the greatest polycrests (a remedy that has action on multiple organs) because the bulk of the symptoms correspond in similarity with those of the common and most frequent diseases.

It is frequently the first remedy indicated after much overdosing and it helps establishing a kind of equilibrium of forces and counteracts the deleterious effects of many remedies.

It is a useful remedy for the modern day stress.  It suits persons with sedentary habits, who undergo mental exertion, loss of sleep, are anxious and full of worries.

It is typically indicated when the subject is thin, spare, quick, active, nervous and irritable, offended even by harmless words with an inclination to commit suicide, but is afraid to die.  This remedy suits persons who are excited or angered easily and cannot bear contradiction.

It suits subjects who drink a lot of coffee, wine, tobacco, spicy food, after eating in excess.

It also suits subjects, who are fond of rich and stimulating food.  It also suits persons who have a tendency to faint from odors

It suits dyspeptic subjects who have an irritable temper.

It is useful in subjects, who have a headache in the occipital region, and are worse in the morning after mental exertion, ingestion of tobacco, alcohol and coffee.

It is useful in Optic atrophy from the habitual use of intoxicants.

It is useful in curing small mouth ulcers when associated with bloody saliva.


It suits subjects whose nose is stuffed up in the night and who suffer from a stuffed up cold, which is worse from exposure to dry cold atmosphere.  It is useful in fluent daytime cold with a stuffed up nose in the night.

 This remedy is useful in infants who have a cold, which stuffs their nose.  It is also useful in strangulated umbilical hernia in children.

It suits subjects, who have a sour taste in the mouth and suffer from nausea after eating and also in the morning.

It is useful in flatulence with colic causing an upward pressure and a shortness of breath and desire for stool.  It suits subjects who are constipated with an ineffectual urging, which is incomplete and unsatisfactory, and there is a constant feeling as if a part of the stool remained un-expelled.  It suits subjects, who pass small quantities of stool.  It suits subjects who have alternate constipation with diarrhea after the abuse of purgatives.  It is useful in subjects, who have diarrhea after debauchery, with a constant uneasiness in the rectum.

It is useful in subjects with irritable bladder, with frequent calls for urinating, strangury while urinating, with itching in the urethra and pain in the neck of the bladder.

It is a useful remedy for removing the bad effects of sexual excesses and constrictive pain in the testicles due to an inflammation of the testicles (orchitis).

It is a useful remedy in female subjects under stress, who have irregular periods and dysmenorrhoea.

It is a useful remedy in subjects who have asthma after coughing.

It is useful in subjects, who cannot sleep after 3 a.m. till the morning. It also suits such subjects, who awaken with a wretched feeling, and are drowsy after meals and better after a short nap.

It suits subjects who are worse in the morning from mental exertion, after eating, touch, spices, stimulants, narcotics, dry weather.

It suits persons who are better after a refreshing nap, evening, while at rest and in damp and wet weather.


 Occasionally following operation, peristalsis is suspended in point of direction, becoming a reversed paralysis due to spasm of the intestinal muscles.  The known NUX VOMICA in these conditions where there is irregular movement of the peristalsis, or as in more often the case, when the peristalsis is backward or where it is a mixed peristalsis is backward, or where there is a mixed peristalsis, part in one direction and part in another, makes it a very valuable remedy to bear in mind in post-operative complications.  Extreme mental irritability is always present when NUX VOMICA is indicated; there is vomiting, which is difficult and much straining in the effort to vomit; great distension of abdomen and tenderness.

Dr. H.A. Roberts, M.D.

HERNIA: For those who are experiencing pain in an old HERNIA or in very recent cases, NUX VOMICA 3, three times daily may help.

Dr. S. Philip Clements.

In connection with arthritis of the spine and the large muscles of the back, NUX VOMICA leads in spasm.

Dr. E. W. Hubbard, M.D.

 Biliary duct spasm with its severe pain increased by movement and pressure, but somewhat relieved by heat calls for NUX VOMICA.

Dr. D. M. Gibson, F.R.C.S., M.F.Hom (Lond).

No other pathogenesis contains the symptoms of gastric catarrh more fully than NUX VOMICA.

Dr. Boehr.

There is one strange NUX condition, which one does not trouble to as indicating NUX at all, viz. that during a very good meal particularly if accompanied by a good deal of alcohol and eaten in a very hot room, NUX patients sometimes develop gastric distension. They get a feeling of horrible gastric oppression as if their clothes were far too tight, accompanied by acute abdominal colic, a feeling as if they were going to have violent diarrhea and followed by a sensation of extreme faintness. So, do not think that every case you see at a dinner in which the patient has become rather dusky and got obvious abdominal flatulence and is getting faint and wants to loosen clothes necessarily needs CARBO VEG. Many of them want NUX AND NUX acts much quicker, it is almost instantaneous, in a moment or two, you see the patient becoming perfectly comfortable and probably turning around and saying he would like something to eat.

Dr. Borland, M.B., Ch.B.

 NUX VOMICA IN PERITONITIS: To equalize the remaining trifling irregularities in the digestive function, especially the torpor o the bowels, after the disappearance of the exudation.

Dr. Boehr.

I think for the ordinary acute attack of indigestion due to an indiscretion of diet, NUX VOMICA is almost a specific especially if the indication has been particularly marked.

Dr. D. M. Borland, M.B., Ch.B.


NUX VOMICA is almost a specific in influenza if given early it averts the disease.

Dr. Younan, M.B., C.M.


NUX VOMICA is probably the best anti-asthma remedy. It is Homeopathic to that condition of the digestive system, which it is the most common cause of the irritation, which results in bronchial spasm. Again, after the paroxysm subsides, it leaves a condition of the digestive organs, for which NUX VOMICA is a great remedy; there is often slight nausea; flatulence, and constipation.  Besides, the breathing is seldom quite right: generally there remains a sort of physical memory of the struggle.  The patient feels that no liberties must be taken either of diet or exercise.  Out of this secondary state of bondage, nothing will liberate so effectually as NUX VOMICA.

Dr. Russel.



NUX VOMICA is my first thought in patients with stuffy colds especially if there are any gastric complaints at the same; covering an identical field is SINAPIS NIGRA. In failure of the former success should be had by giving MUSTARD a trial.

Dr. Robert. L. Redfield, M.D.


Sometimes I have noticed that after Gonorrhea has been cured so far as the discharge is concerned, the patient still complains of irritation far back in the urethra, probably in the prostrate, causing an uncomfortable feeling, which the patient refers to the root of the penis. NUX VOMICA often relieves this condition.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.


Fervent sexual impulses with frequent, painful erections in the morning hours are quickly cured by NUX VOMICA, if there is no gonorrhea present.

Dr. Hartman.


For harmful effects of Penicillin: ARSENICUM, THUJA, NUX VOMICA, SILICA.

Dr. Kent, M.D.


Toxic amaurosis from the abuse of tobacco may call for NUX VOMICA.

Dr. D.M. Gibson, F.R.C.S., etc.





NUX VOMICA is often indicated in cough and diarrhea after previous use of so-called cough mixtures, all of which most generally contain opiates.

Dr. C.G. Raue, M.D.




For simple catarrhal conjunctivitis, NUX VOMICA is before all others.

Dr. Mackenzie.


A condition in which you find NUX VOMICA indicated is in ecchymoses of the sclerotic coat, when a certain amount of blood is effused beneath the conjunctiva. These often follow debauchery or sitting up late at night to study, in persons subject to dyspepsia.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.


In amblyopia or impairment of vision due to the effects of tobacco or intoxicating liquors or of debauchery, no remedy will do more towards restoring the power of the weakened optic nerve. Even when atrophy has commenced, NUX will palliate if it does not entirely cure.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.


In sleeplessness of hypochondriac irritable patients troubled with vertigo and easily fatigued with mental exercise, NUX VOMICA is of great value; it quiets the nervous system and produces sleep.

Dr. Small.



When you don’t know what to give, give NUX VOMICA.

An old Maxim.


If vertigo and headache be very persistent or prostration be prolonged after NATRUM, NUX VOMICA will relieve.

Dr. H.C. Allen, M.D.


At regards laterality in NUX VOMICA, abdominal symptoms tend to be right sided and chest symptoms left sided.

Dr. D. M. Gibson, F.R.C.S., M.F. Hom (L).


Craving for drugs: NUX VOMICA 10 M. I dose.


Natural remedies for Kidney Stones.


1 in 10 Indians will have a kidney stone in their lifetime, and there are nearly half a million people seeking hospital emergency care for kidney stones – each year!

Role of Diet in the formation of stones:

Diets high in sodium, processed sugars and processed animal products are a cause for kidney stone formation. Bad food choices are a primary reason for the development of kidney stones.

Natural remedies for kidney stones:

There are a handful of natural remedies that work wonders on kidney stones, and helping to prevent them.

  • Pomegranate juice is one of the most effective remedies for kidney stone. Pomegranate juice has astringent properties and these help in kidney stone busting.

Dandelion root:

This is an excellent kidney tonic and overall kidney cleanser.  Dandelion root comes in extract form as well as tea, tablet, and capsule form.

  • Magnesium a hidden kidney stone remedy:

Magnesium is needed for nearly every process in the body and studies have shown that magnesium may be a useful remedy for kidney stones.   In fact, one particular study found that magnesium supplementation caused a 92.3% improvement rate in the reduction of kidney stones!

  • Basil is one of nature’s finest kidney cleanser:

Basil serves as an excellent all natural way to cleanse the kidney. Basil tea, in particular, has been shown to be an excellent kidney toner for overall kidney health.

  • Chanca pierda

This herb has been shown to inhibit calcium oxalate crystals.   Chanca pierda has been used for many years in Central and South America as a treatment for kidney stones, and its common name literally translates to “stone breaker.”  This medicinal herb has been found to inhibit the formation of the calcium oxalate crystals, and there is a possibility that this herb may be able to help break up already existing stones.


There are many natural remedies for kidney stones and they must not be tried without expert medical supervision.


Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 134.



This remedy is derived from the Nutmeg.

This remedy is useful in subjects who suffer from fainting fits related to heart failure. This remedy also suits persons who are nervous and hysterical in temperament. It suits female subjects who are in a dazed condition of the mind, with a complete loss of memory and forgets what she has been doing.  It suits female subjects, who perform all their duties and yet seems to be in a dream like state.  This remedy suits persons with a changeable humor, with sudden mood swings.  This remedy also suits persons who are over-sensitive to light, noise smell, slightest touch and the least draught of air.

It is a remedy that is useful for subjects who feel strange and have irresistible drowsiness, worse after meals.

It is useful for subjects who are oversensitive to smell and suffer from nasal bleeding.

It is useful in toothache in pregnancy.

It is useful in subjects who are excessively bloated, with flatulent dyspepsia with a craving for highly seasoned food.

It is a useful remedy for female subjects who have a variable in their menstrual cycle.

It is a useful remedy for rheumatism that comes on from getting wet or from a draught.  It is useful for rheumatism that is relieved by warm dry clothes.

It is a great remedy for great drowsiness and for complaints that cause sleepiness.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse from moist cold wind, cold food, cold washing, lying on the painful side and with motion.

This remedy suits subjects who are better from warmth and dry weather.