Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 148.



This remedy is derived from May apple, a plant belonging to the order of Barberidaceae.

This remedy is a children’s remedy.  It is useful for diarrhea in children with dentition, when the stools are green, watery, profuse and involuntary.  It is a useful remedy in infantile cholera, when used in the 1 M potency.

It is a remedy useful in cases of liver and duodenal disturbances, which is associated with a lot of distension.  It is useful in subjects with hot sour belching, nausea and vomiting and thirsting for large quantities of water.  It is also a useful remedy for Heartburn.

It is useful when the subject can only be comfortable while lying on the stomach, passing stool that is watery, jelly like, with mucous, painless and profuse, which is gushing and offensive.

It is useful in subjects who grind their teeth at night, with the intense desire to press the gums together.  It is useful when the tongue is broad, moist large with a burning sensation.

It is a useful remedy when there is a putrid taste in the mouth.

It is useful in prolapse of the rectum, before and after stools.  It is useful when there is alternate constipation with diarrhea.

It is useful in prolapse of the uterus, with right ovarian pain, and pain under the right scapula.

This remedy is useful in ailments pertaining to the right side of the body: right throat, right hypochondrium or right ovary, when the ailments are associated with depression and thirst for large quantities of water, with violent cramps in the feet, calves or things.  This remedy suits persons, who are constantly rubbing and shaking the liver region with the hand.


 For complete obstruction I have had wonderful success with PODOPHYLLUM C.M.

Dr. Wilbur K. Bond, M.D.

In constipation of bottle-fed babies, PODOPHYLLUM will sometimes relieve.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.

I value PODOPHYLLUM PELTATUM, highly in constipation, which it relieves safely, easily, naturally and effectually. My experience shows the propriety of diminishing, not increasing the dose.

Dr. Andrew Clark.

PODOPHYLLUM is a very potent remedy for certain injuries of the spine.

Dr. R. E.S. Hayes, M.D.

There is no remedy so surely indicated by painless cholera murbus as PODOPHYLLUM.

Dr. Bell.

PODOPHYLLUM is excellent in moderate attacks of jaundice, without fever, in chronic jaundice not much interfering with the general health.

Dr. Hempel.



The human body is actually an “energy being” living in an ocean of vibrating frequency. If our resonance is harmonious we are healthy and if our frequencies are dissonant we become diseased. The good thing is that we can re-pattern our vibrations and gain happiness from within, access our inner strength and handle life’s challenges.

How is re-patterning done?

The model of Holographic Re-patterning is based on a hologram, and upon the fact that we ourselves are holograms. A hologram is a three-dimensional image that you can walk around, that looks completely real, but is made of frequencies of light.  Modern physics has found that it is likely that the human brain, the whole human system, and in fact the whole of creation is just a hologram.  It is made of frequencies and it looks real, but it is not.  Even this physical body which seems so concrete is actually a field of energy frequencies.  If we are a hologram as the physicists propose, we are an infinite field of frequencies, and within our system everything is stored, all knowledge, all wisdom, the divine, all history of evolution is stored in the hologram that we are.

A Resonance Re-patterning session accesses this information through applied Kinesiology. The body is a map of your life’s experiences.  A session identifies unconscious issues that are blocking and depleting your life energy.  Pain is a disruption or blockage of your life energy. In the course of a session, self-healing modalities release and restore the body-mind field so that there is greater resonance with your positive intentions.

Benefits of Holographic re-patterning:

With the help of a trained guide the subject is made to identify old habit patterns through Applied Kinesiology and the subject is made to form new pathways and this naturally heals the subject. Most subjects report seeing benefits in their health after the very first session.


Most subjects, who feel stuck in their life in the physical, emotional or mental field experience a great sense of freedom and confidence after a few sessions this therapy

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 147.



This remedy is derived from the metal Plumbum or Lead.

It is useful to give subjects, who are fearful of being assassinated.

It is a useful remedy in Multiple Sclerosis.

It is useful in the inflammation of the Optic nerve.

It is useful to clear the blue lines along the margin of the gums, when the tongue is paralyzed.

It is useful in gastritis with constant vomiting.

It is useful subjects find it difficult to swallow liquids with a constriction sense in the esophagus.  It is useful in terrible colic pains in the abdomen.  It is a useful remedy to reverse the disease in certain cases of strangulated hernia, especially in the early stages.  It is useful in constipation, when the stools are lumpy, black when there is a spasm of the anus.

It is useful in chronic nephritis when the urine passes drop by drop. It is useful in cases of stricture of the urethra after gonorrhea.

It is useful in male subjects, who have a drawing of the testicles with loss of sexual power.

It is a useful remedy when subjects have dilated veins in the hands and the legs.

It is useful in the paralysis of single muscles, pain which is cramp like in the hands, and when the hands cannot be lifted up or extended.  This remedy is useful in lead paralysis, mainly of the extensor muscles of the forearm or the upper limb.  It is a very useful remedy for wrist drop.

It is useful in the pains of the right toe.

It combats all ailments arising fro Lead poisoning; such as lead colic, wrist drop, constipation and even cases of intestinal obstruction.


 We rely upon PLUMBUM in any form of obstruction of the bowels that has not a mechanical cause, and incarcerated and even strangulated hernia.  Dr. Maylander generally succeeds in strangulated hernia with BELLADONNA AND NUX VOMICA, but if these fail he resorts to the knife.  Dr. Baumann considers that before this extreme is sought, we have a resource in PLUMBUM and adduces great evidence for his belief, of which indeed there is no lack elsewhere.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.


PLUMBUM has relieved strangulation where ACONITE, BELLADONNA & NUX VOMICA failed in many cases.

Dr. Baumann.


PLUMBUM MEDTALLICUM is the remedy for Interstitial Nephritis.

Dr. Custis.


I have seen apparently hopeless cases of Marasmus in infants with large and hard abdomen and extreme constipation cured with PLUMBUM usually in the 3rd titration.

Dr. Clark, M.D.



It is estimated that about 20 % of people over the age of 40 years have cataract formation in their eyes.

How to prevent cataracts naturally at home:

To prevent cataract formation follow these easy tips:

  • Improve the lighting in your home with more lighting and brighter lamps.
  • Limit your night driving.
  • When you go outside in daytime, wear sunglasses or a broad-brimmed hat to reduce glare.
  • Get your eyes checked once a year (more often, if you’ve noticed problems).
  • Make sure your eyeglasses or contact lenses are the most accurate prescription
  • Keep diabetes under control with diet, exercise, and medication.
  • Quit smoking!

Naturopathic methods to prevent cataract formation:

  • Leafy greens, bell peppers, and carrots. Eat more spinach, kale, and Swiss chard – These vegetables are all rich in the carotenoid, lutein. Another top plant source is red bell pepper. Red peppers also provide good-for-eyes vitamin C. Carrots and other orange-colored fruits and vegetables are also top choices for eyes: Beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A that gives these foods their orange hue, is a vision booster. It helps the retina and other parts of the eye to function optimally.
  • Nuts and seeds. Vitamin E helps protect the cells in our eyes from free radicals, and nuts and seeds are packed with vitamin E. Walnuts are ranked as one of the best nut sources of omega-3s. Pistachios are a close second. In small amounts, they can be converted to EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), another omega-3 fatty acid used by the eyes, along with DHA.
  • Fresh fruits, especially avocados. Avocados are incredibly nutrient-rich. They’re a great source of carotenoids and other important eye nutrients such as beta-carotene and vitamins C, E, and B6.
  • Herbs like ginkgo biloba. Herbs are also excellent home remedies for promoting good eyesight. Ginkgo biloba for eyes, in particular, works well to promote healthy blood flow that carries more essential nutrients to your cells.


The best ways to prevent cataract is to eat right, maintain good lighting in the home, shade your eyes from the bright sun and have regular eye check-up at least once a year if you are over forty years of age.


Some useful Homeopathic remedies – part 146.




 This remedy is derived from the metal, Platinum.

It suits hysterical persons, who are alternatively gay and sad.

It suits persons who are sensitive to trifling things, which produce profound vexation.

It suits sexually hypersensitive women, who have VAGINISMUS during coitus, for those women who faint during coitus.  This remedy is useful for itching in the Vulva.

This remedy is useful for mental complaints after fright, grief, anger, vexation, disappointments and masturbation.

This remedy is useful for constipation during pregnancy. It is also useful for constipation in Jet lagged travelers or in emigrants, with frequent urging of stools, where the stools adhere to the rectum like soft clay.

This remedy is useful in all pains that decrease and increase gradually with numbness.

This remedy is said to be useful in ovarian tumors and menstrual disorders in haughty women.






Macrobiotic diet is a Chinese philosophy, which is a nutritional attempt to balance the “Complementary Opposites”, Yin and Yang. The Chinese believed that these two must be kept in harmony to achieve optimum health.  Yin is said to be expansive, cold, wet, slow, passive, sweet, loose and dark.  Yang is said to be contractile, hot, dry, salty, tight and light.

How the treatments are done:

The oriental diet is essentially low in fats and emphasizes the need for whole grains and vegetables and restricts fluids.   The Macrobiotic diet lays emphasis on consuming a fresh diet, without processed foods.  The most balanced food in the yin/yang continuum, are brown rice and whole grains and these constitute the foundation of the Macrobiotic diet.  The patients are put on a particular macrobiotic diet depending on their diet needs and temperament.  The diets consist of:

  • 50 to 60% whole grains such as. Brown rice, barley, millet, oats, corn, rye, wheat and buckwheat.
  • 25 to 30% fresh vegetables, such as cruciferous vegetables like Cabbage and other green and yellow vegetables. These vegetables must be organically grown and eaten after steaming with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Vegetables to be eaten frequently include, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, radish, turnips, orange squashes and pumpkin.

Vegetables to be eaten occasionally include, celery, lettuce, mushrooms and string beans.

Vegetables to be avoided include potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, asparagus, beetroot and avocado.

5 to 10% beans and soy-based products are allowed. This includes tofu (soy bean curd), agar-agar, which is a seaweed and Irish moss.

Soups, which are permitted, include, Soups made from Soya bean paste, vegetable soups and bean.

Occasional treats like seeds, nuts, fruits and fish are allowed thrice a week.

 Benefits of the Macrobiotic diet:

 Proponents of this therapy assert that such a diet will bring about a sense of well being, decrease heart attacks and reduce the risk of certain forms of cancers and combat food allergies.  Claims that this diet can reverse cancers and AIDS are being studied at the National Institute of Health’s Alternative Medicine Office. To date, there is no evidence that Macrobiotics is effective in reversing advanced cancers.

Side effects of the Macrobiotic Diet:

 Vitamin and mineral deficiencies have been reported in extreme versions of this diet.  Studies have also shown that lactating mothers on a Macrobiotic diet had low levels of vitamin B12, Calcium and Magnesium in their diets. Another study links the macrobiotic diet to iron deficiency.  The therapy should be stopped if there are signs of malnutrition, fatigue, muscle and joint pains, poor concentration, irritability and increased susceptibility to infections.


 A Macrobiotic diet is indeed useful in preventing heart disease and may help in preventing colon cancer and certain food allergies.  But despite these benefits, few mainstream nutritionists endorse a Macrobiotic diet, because of the dangers of nutritional deficiencies that are likely during the therapy.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 145.




 This remedy is derived from Picric acid.

It suits subjects who are warm blooded, sensitive to heat, with a desire for cold air and cold bathing which ameliorates the patient.

 It is a great remedy for too much studying or over-taxing the brain.  It is particularly useful in headache in students, business and computer engineers from over-study, fatigue, grief or depressing emotions.  It suits subjects, who sit still and are disinclined to work.

It is useful in prevent the degeneration of the spinal cord.  It is also useful in case of Dementia with prostration.

It is useful in writer’s palsy. It is useful in subjects who have pin and needles sensation in the extremities.

It suits subjects, who have small boils within the ears and the back of the neck.

It suits male subjects who have profuse emissions with great exhaustion.  It cures impotency and spermatorrhea when the mind is unable to control lustful emotions.


 If a mental shock arises from death of a near relative, followed by languor, lassitude or exhaustion, think of PICRIC ACID.

Dr. Wallace Mckenge, M.D.

In post influenza nervous asthenias, there are 3 remedies, which I have found of the greatest value, viz, PICRIC ACID, PHOSPHORIC ACID & COCCULUS INDICUS. In all the three, there is the same feeling of weariness and inability to sustain any mental effort.

Dr. D.M. Borland, M.B., Ch.B, F.F.Hom (Lond).

PICRIC ACID is as near a specific for small furuncles in any part of the body as any remedy can be.  In the meatus externus, it aborts the furuncle if seen early, and mitigates if advanced as well as corrects the habit.

Dr. Houghton.

Sheer exhaustion, could drop in tracks: CHINA, PICRIC ACID & CONIUM.

Dr. Andrew Kellner.

HELONIAS is an excellent remedy where there is a tired, acing feeling and some burning in the back and legs.  This is common enough with women and no remedy, unless it is PICRIC ACID relieves more promptly. The debility of HELONIAS is the result of impaired nutrition.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.

In any psychosomatic group of patients there are those with present fatigue, worse in the morning, who say they feel more tired on arising than when they went to bed and also mention that the lease desk work leaves them dragged out and listless.  I will now give more thought to PICRIC ACID.

Dr. Robert L. Redfield, M.D.

Snake Massage – A bizarre therapy.



Can you imagine snakes slinking all over your body and yet be a stress reliever? This is a bizarre therapy popular in some Oriental countries and Indonesia. It is believed that once you overcome the initial fear, the unique sensation of snakes sliding over your body would relieve the muscle tension, hence relieve the stress.

Bigger snakes will relieve deeper muscle stiffness while the smaller snakes will give kneading effect. These are similar to deep tissue massage, and light to medium pressure massage techniques administered by humans.

Snake massage causes an Adrenaline Rush:

Snake massage will give you the adrenaline rush that is good for your metabolism. Although not confirmed by any study or research yet, the department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark, confirmed the following that snake massage:

  • It prevents the production of insulin
  • It stimulates the synthesis of sugar and fat.

However, an adrenaline rush can be bad as well as it can affect the proper brain functions. It can also lead to chronic stress and subsequent heart failure.

Benefits of a Snake Massage:

Studies on the benefits of massage shows that it is a stress reliever. It improves the blood circulation. This is because the snake’s sliding movement will improve blood circulation as it causes blood to move and that will include to the congested area. Availability of oxygen rich blood to various parts of the body will therefore improve body functions.


This alternative yet bizarre form of therapy is gaining popularity and you can now find snake massage not only in Indonesia and Thailand, but in health spas in Israel and Russia as well.

Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 144.






 This remedy is derived from the Pokeroot, which is a branching plant with large branching roots.

It is a wonderful remedy for the breasts and testicles.

It is useful in female subjects, who have breasts that are hard, inflamed and sensitive.  It is especially useful when the breasts are painful and are of a purple hue.  It is useful in breast abscess with inflammation of the breasts.  It is a useful remedy when the mother experiences pain in the nipples radiating to the rest of the body, while nursing the child.

It is useful in benign as well as cancerous tumors of the breasts with enlarged axillary glands.

It is also useful in painful indurations and the swelling of the testicles.

It is useful when the throat in painful, bluish red with much pain in the root of the tongue with swollen tonsils.

It is useful in all ailments, with a lame, sore bruised feeling all over the body, with a desire to move but motion aggravates the pain.  It is useful in shooting pains in the right shoulders with inability to use the arms, and the pains fly like electric shocks.  It is useful in Sciatica with aching heels, when the subject feels better by putting the feet up.

It is useful in Atypical Angina, when the pain is retro-sternal, radiating to the right arm.

It is also a useful remedy in right-sided ovarian pain.


I have the experience with a few cases of abscessed breasts and every patient who has been prescribed for without operation has done better than have those who were incised. PHYTOLACCA is almost a specific for mastitis, where an abscess is threatening.  It is a remedy to keep in mind where the abscess has formed and the breast has been incised.

Dr. G.B. Strearns, M.D.

According to Von Grauvogl, ARNICA is the most excellent remedy for relaxed or clergymen’s sore throat, but in our practice, PHYTOLACCA 1x generally succeeds.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D., Dr. Nixon, M.R.C.S.


PHYTOLACCA OCTANDRA has similar properties to PHYTOLACCA DECANDRA and is first as efficacious as the latter in throat affections. In fact, I always make it a practice now, when visiting places in which cases of Diphtheria have occurred, of taking a good dose of either the tincture or infusion of the leaves as a safe guard.

Dr. Fredrick Kopp.



For sore throat accompanying epidemic Influenza and for Influenza itself, even the characteristic toothache, PHYTOLACCA is often specific.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D.



If a mother says she has no milk or that the mild is scanty, thicker, unhealthy, dries up soon, PHYTOLACCA becomes then a constitutional remedy if there are no contraindicating symptoms.

Dr. Kent, M.D.



Pinhead ulcers under denture: PHYTOLACCA 1x.

Dr. Terdrey.



The methods and energies of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing were given to John Armitage, also known as Dr. Hari Das by St. Germaine in a channeling.  Shamballa is made up of three divine energies that are Reiki, which is the Life Force Energy, the Mahatma I AM Presence and the Christ Consciousness which is energy shared by the Ascended Masters. The frequency of Shamballa MDH is said to be very similar to Reiki but it has been described as being ‘the next’ step in the Reiki healing evolution.

This ancient energy system works on the multidimensional levels as each person is more than three dimensional and so Shamballa heals the many different etheric bodies such as the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, getting to the core of pain and disease. Shamballa Healing balances and brings each of the etheric bodies into alignment and harmony.  Shamballa is a type of energy healing similar to Reiki. It has been called “The Complete System of Reiki” because it includes 352 symbols in the entirety.

Benefits of Shamballa Healing:

During a Shamballa MDH session, the energy is guided by divine conscious to where it needs to go in order to bring therapeutic relief.

  • it reduces stress
    • it reduces emotional pain
    • Balances and cleanses the Chakras
    • Relieves insomnia
    • Helps correct eating and metabolic disorders
    • It helps in the aches and pain of Fibromyalgia
    • It is found to be useful in migraines and headaches
    • It corrects Irritable bowel syndrome and constipation
    • It is useful in Arthritis and gout
    • It is said to be useful for correcting Past life traumas
    • Unhealthy habits
    • it is said to correct DNA functioning
    • Enables the precipitant to get in touch with their I AM Presence
    • Facilitates in opening channels with the Ascended Masters


Shamballa Multidimensional Energy Healing Training involves attunements during which subjects go into a state of meditation and the energies and symbols of Shamballa Multidimensional Energy Healing are transferred to them. Shamballa Healing is an Alternative therapy and should not replace conventional orthodox systems of medicine.