Perk your immunity and heal faster.


The human body is fully capable of healing itself in optimum conditions. This because of an intelligent system in the body called as the Immune defence, which has the uncanny ability to fight a cold and also end-stage cancer. To be healthy, one has to build up one’s immune defence.

How to build up the immune system:

Focus on vitamin D
This mineral has always been related to strengthening bones but its benefits are many. It’s vital to understand that an appropriate level of vitamin D can heal diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, even cancer. A good vitamin D level is a forerunner to a strong immunity. One of the best sources for vitamin D is the morning sun.  Best edibles sources of natural vitamin D are: mushroom, egg yolk, fatty fish; just to name a few.

Garlic reinforces the immune system

Garlic is an age-old super-food that boosts the immune system and is an effective solution for the treatment of various ailments.

Green tea and Chamomile tea
these are the best options to strengthen the body’s immunity level. Green tea and Chamomile tea are full of antioxidants; these herbal infusions enhance the level of immunity and help in the speedy recovery from illness.

Significance of antioxidants
The health benefits of antioxidants are immeasurable. They greatly support the immune system. Some naturally occurring antioxidants in nature are sunflower seeds, goji berries and pumpkin seeds. These pack in a wealth of essential nutrients and provide life saving antioxidants.

Light exercises
When you aren’t keeping well, refrain from any rigorous workout regimen. During such times, it’s great to perform exercises that don’t exert too much pressure on your body. These can include getting out and deeply breathing fresh air, walking, and yoga exercises.

Avoid greasy, processed foods
If you want to stay healthy please keep away from fatty and unhealthy treats.

Get plenty of rest
The most significant step towards achieving great health and immunity, is to get plenty of sleep. Sleeping at a cellular level ensures cellular repair and a great level of immunity.

Other foods to strengthen your immunity levels

Kombucha is a fermented tea that produces good bacteria in your gut.  It is made by adding bacteria and yeast to sugar and black or green tea and allowing the brew to ferment.  Another good source of probiotics is kefir, offers great benefits to your digestive system and increases your immunity level. It is 99% per cent free from lactose. Fermented edibles like yogurt and kimchi boast of probiotic supplements.  Apple cider vinegar acts as a great prebiotic, which is a soluble dietary fibre used to stimulate the growth of probiotics in our digestive tract.


It is obvious that simple home remedies and lifestyle changes can go a long way to keep the immunity high and enjoy positive health.