Yoga, prayer and meditation, the Indian way is becoming popular in western countries.  Many Biofeedback research centers have opened there and scientists are studying the beneficial effect of prayer and meditation on the body and the mind. 

Meditation is a fundamental spiritual discipline of all major religions.  Meditation may be defined as a withdrawal or the reversal of one’s consciousness from the body and the world, into the realm of the soul. It is an inward journey onto the bright path of contemplation of God.  Meditation helps one to have more awareness of oneself. It helps us experience a state of internal freedom and a sense of joy.

Medically speaking, regular Meditation and Prayer helps us in the following way:

  1. It reduces stress. 
  2. It bolsters the immunity of the body.
  3. It increases the memory and will power.
  4. It can slow down the progress of cancers and certain forms of degenerative diseases.
  5. It prevents the premature aging of the body.
  6. It helps fighting psychosomatic disorders.
  7. It helps fight depression, phobias and fears.

Thus, both Meditation and Prayer can be valuable modern medical tools in many branches of Medicine such as; Psychiatry, Cardiovascular Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Geriatrics, Gastro-enterology, Skin and Connective tissue diseases, Sports and Aviation medicine. Meditation and Prayer can be valuable tools in terminal diseases like cancers and AIDS and help in alleviating pain in the terminal stages of such diseases.


Yoga is very popular in the West today. The Yoga postures (asanas) help the body by correcting faulty body posture, by increasing the secretion of naturally occurring substances called Endorphins in the body (these substances help give the body a sense of well being and freedom from pain).  Yoga helps to reduce the levels of pain producing prostaglandin in the body. (This is very useful in combating pain in arthritic conditions). Yoga positively helps the regulation of various organs and glands in the body.  Yoga has a beneficial effect on the Endocrine glands and this explains why it helps combat diseases like Stress mediated Diabetes Mellitus.  Yoga also regulates the activity of the muscle spindles in the body and this in turn helps the muscles to relax.

Pranayama or controlled breathing practices can be another very useful tool in Medicine.  There are many kinds of Pranayama and should be taught by experts. Pranayama also works the same way as Yoga and prayer and increases the oxygenation in the tissues and helps better elimination of carbon dioxide and other waste products.

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