In 1983, two researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a study showing that shark cartilage contains a substance that inhibits the development of blood vessels that nourish solid tumors, thereby limiting tumor growth.  Working independently, researchers from Harvard University found that if the blood supply of tumors was cut off, the spread of cancerous tumors could be contained.  After years of research, Dr. I. William Lane developed a process of cleaning, drying, pulverizing and sterilizing shark cartilage that ensures quality and reliability without rendering the active protein fibers ineffective.  Dr Lane’s work was appreciated and he was awarded a patent.  His book SHARKS DON’T GET CANCER is one of the best sellers in the U.S.

When should Shark Cartilage be tried?

Shark cartilage is an experimental therapy and it should be tried in terminal cases, where Oncologists have given up and allow the patient to try Alternative Medicine.  Shark cartilage should not be used in children, after recent surgery and should not be used in pregnant mothers.

The best dosage is 1 gram of shark cartilage per kilogram of body weight, in 3 or 4 divided doses.  It can be taken in the form of caplets or can be taken in the form of powder mixed with juice.

In patients who are severely ill and cannot take the medication orally, rectal administration, as retention enema is recommended.  The advantages of rectal administration are that it eliminates the offensive taste or odor thus avoiding nausea and vomiting, which is a side effect, when this medication is given orally. 


This therapy is available in the U.S and some European countries. This therapy must be carried out under strict medical supervision.  Shark Cartilage therapy takes about 20 weeks before improvement is seen.  Most cancer patients report at a minimum, an improved quality of life and in many cases there is a remission of the cancer. Shark Cartilage Therapy is the one of the best examples, where scientists have studied nature and animal life and profited from it.  Nature has myriad secrets in her bosom, which are begging to be unearthed.

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