Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 110.



This remedy is derived from a small plant called as the Club moss.


This remedy is useful in nearly all cases where there is an evidence of urinary or digestive disturbance.

It is a useful remedy for failing digestive powers, where the function of the liver is seriously compromised.


It is useful in melancholy, where the male patient is afraid to be alone with loss of self-confidence. It suits men who are irritable and melancholic, avaricious and greedy, miserly, malicious, with a pale complexion; unhealthy skin, with deep furrows and such persons look older than they actually are.

This remedy also suits babies, who cry all day and who sleep well all night. It suits babies with a weak body, large head, who are emaciated, peevish and cross, who kick and scream all the time.

It suits female patients, who weep all day and cannot calm herself. Such subjects even cry when thanked.


It is useful to dissolve sty that are on the lids near the inner canthus.

It is useful whenever there is a yellow offensive discharge from the ear with humming and roaring associated with hardness of hearing.



This remedy is useful in dyspepsia due to farinaceous or fermentable food such as, cabbage beans. This remedy suits persons who feel bloated in the abdomen after eating a little.

This remedy suits persons who have an aversion to bread. This remedy suits persons who have a desire for sweet things.


This remedy suits persons who have incomplete burning eructation up in the pharynx.
This remedy suits persons who have diarrhea, hemorrhoids, which are very painful to touch and ache.

This remedy suits persons who have pain in the back, while urinating and the urination ceases to flow after initiation and the patient has to strain. This remedy suits persons who have retention of urine with increased urination in the night with HEAVY RED SEDIMENT.


This remedy also suits male patients who have no erectable power, impotence, premature ejaculation and benign enlargement of the prostrate.

This remedy suits females who have varicose veins, prominent in the pudendal region with leucorrhoea.

This remedy also suits persons who have catarrh of the chest, when the chest seems to be full with rattling of mucous.

It is also useful in tearing pains in the shoulder and elbow joints.

This remedy is useful for the cramps in the calves and toes. It is also useful in chronic gout with chalky deposits in joints.


It is a useful remedy for the ulceration of the skin, in hives, in acne and in chronic eczema. It is also a useful remedy in persons to stop the premature graying of the hair.

This remedy suits persons who are worse on the right side and whose complaints shift from the right to the left.

This remedy suits persons who are worse from 4 to 8 pm.

This remedy also suits persons who are worse from the heat of the room and in hot air.

This remedy suits persons who are better from motion, after mid-night, from warm food and drinks, from getting cold or from becoming uncovered.

LYCOPODIUM is of value in Post-operative cases where over-distended with wind and cannot get relief, even early cases of Paralytic Ileus.
Dr. Boyd, F.R.F.P.S. etc.

LYCOPODIUM and LACHESIS can be used advantageously as the first remedy in Appendicitis and I have cured several cases with these two.
Dr. S. Philip Clements.

In girls, LYCOPODIUM is a great remedy for Amenorrhoea with non-development of the breasts. LYCOPODIUM develops the breasts in such girls and makes the course appear.
Dr. Leon Renard.

LYCOPODIUM is more useful for the unresolved Pneumonias and the dry, teasing cough in weak, emaciated boys. I have verified this several times and it is often accompanied by such mental symptoms as irritability on waking, ugly, kicking and screaming.
Dr. William B. Griggs, M.D.

Dr Teste commends LYCOPODIUM strongly in the constipation sometimes so obstinate, of young children. He also praises it in a very different condition of the bowels, viz, that most dangerous enteritis which is set up in infants by the ingestion of food, which they cannot digest. I have more than once verified this recommendation.
Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

LYCOPODIUM is a great remedy in duodenal ulcer, with heartburn, eructation’s and pain or pressure in the epigastrium or right hypochondrium. It can be used most successfully alternating with a bowel nosode Dysentery Co. But, be careful of using LYCOPODIUM in potencies much higher than the 12C in a case of severe pain, or you may precipitate a perforation.
Dr. H. W. Boyd, F.R.F.P.S., F.F.Hom. (Lon).

In peptic ulcer with pyloric pain, great flatulence leads us to suggest after LYCOPODIUM, URANIUM NITICUM.
Dr. R. L. Redfield, M.D.

I am myself very fond of LYCOPODIUM in cases of suspected phthisis in young men, where yet there is no evidence of tubercular deposit.
Dr. Hering, M.D.

After an attack of Influenza, the intellectual sequel calls for LYCOPODIUM, while the neurotic ones call for SCUTELLARIA and the long lasting weakness and chilliness call for CHINA.

LYCOPODIUM has proved of positive value in Malnutrition due to chronic dyspepsia, Rickets and the results of incompletely cured acute infections.
Dr. William B. Griggs, M.D.

LYCOPODIUM has been found of value in Post-Diphtheritic paralysis of the soft palate with regurgitation of fluids from the nose.
Dr. D. M. Gibson, F.R.C.S., M.F. Hom (Lond).
LYCOPODIUM is a master remedy for infantile eczema.
Dr. Leon Renard.

Loosevelt said that a half open condition of the eyes during sleep pointed to LYCOPODIUM.
Dr. Sidwick.

LYCOPODIUM is particularly adapted to the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver.
Dr. Boher.

LYCOPODIUM is especially indicated and effective in patients from families where liver affections of any type appear to be inherited.
Dr. Med H. Zulla.