Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 121.


 This remedy is derived from Mercuric chloride.


This remedy is useful in cases of severe cases of stomatitis with large aphthous patches all over the mouth.

 It is also useful in gonorrhea with tenesmus, while passing urine.


It is useful in conjunctivitis with acrid lacrymation, iritis (corneal inflammation), edema of the lids, redness of the eyes, with severe bleeding and the soreness of the eyes.

It is useful in bleeding and soreness of the eyes.

It is also useful in excessive coryza (cold) with ozena (loss of sensation of smell).


It is a useful remedy when the throat is swollen painful and intensely inflamed, when the swallowing is painful, and there is burning pain with great swelling.


It is useful in dysentery, not relieved by stool, or when the stool is red hot, bloody, slimy offensive with cutting pains in the rectum.  This remedy is useful in subjects who constantly have the sensation of passing stools, which is not relieved by stool.


It is useful when there is intense burning in the urethra, with burning, scanty urine, and tenesmus of the bladder, stabbing pain from the urethra to the bladder.

This remedy is useful when the penis is enormously swollen with gonorrhea, and the urethral orifice is red and swollen.

This remedy is useful in ailments with tibial pains, which are worse at night and better after lying on the right side.

This remedy suits subjects, who are worse in the evening, nights and from acids.

It also suits persons who are better from rest.


I have myself the highest esteem for MERC. CORROSIVUS in peritonitis.  I have used it here more frequently than BRYONIA and with most gratifying results.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

 Think of MERC. CORROSIVUS in toxic conditions of pregnancy and PHOSPHORUS is useful in albuminuria in pregnancy.

Dr. T.K. Moore, M.D.

 All the recent cases of dysentery that I recollect have yielded quickly, i.e. within 2 days, to MERC. COR 2x triturition, if without much pain: if with pain in the abdomen, MERC CORROSIVUS, alternated with COLOCYNTHIS, and I do not know of any failures.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

 MERC COR. Our great remedy:  An exact SIMILIMUM to all essential features of an ordinary attack of dysentery.  May safely be regarded as a specific remedy for the whole process.

Dr. Boher.

 MERC. CORROSIVUS has a decided curative action when given in small doses for Pyelitis.

Dr. Hale, M.D.

 In the most violent forms of Acute Conjunctivitis, with extreme dread of light, or in chemosis, the 1x or 2x of MERC. CORROSIVUS will often cut short the attack.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

 For elongated uvula causing trouble, apply a little of low triturition of MERCURIOUS CORROSIVUS on uvula, and it will relieve immediately and permanently.

Dr. R. B. Das.