Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 128.


 This remedy is derived from Sodium Arseniate.

It suits persons who are chilly and worse from the cold air and on becoming cold.  It also suits persons who are worse from cold drinks and cold food.

This remedy suits persons who are anemic, who are worse from exertion, worse from ascending stairs and for those who have weakness and emaciation with a desire to lie down and not be disturbed.

This remedy suits persons who are allergic to milk, fruits, vinegar and wine.

This remedy is specific for subjects, who have headache with coryza, worse after eating, from becoming heated, persons who are worse before and during their menstrual cycle.

This remedy is useful in restoring the strength of emaciated persons and also increases the appetite.

This remedy is suitable in persons with cold, which may be dry or alternating, worse in open air, with cough and violent sneezing, with the obstruction of the nose at night and in those who have crusting in the nose.

This remedy is useful in sore throats, when the throat is purplish and swollen, edematous red and when there is pain on empty swallowing, but no pain on swallowing food and drink.

This remedy is suited for abdominal complaints with flatulence after passing stools and flatus.

This remedy is useful in cases that have the constant urge to urinate at night, when the urine is albuminous, burning, dark, offensive and filled with mucous.

This remedy is useful in Miner’s asthma and in Rheumatic and gouty pain.

This remedy suits subjects who are aggravated with anger, mental exertion, ascending stairs, after cold drinks, cold food, cold air, winter and cold damp weather.

It also suits subjects who are better from warm air, passing flatus and after passing stool.