Some useful Homeopathic remedies – part 140.





This remedy is useful Coal oil or underground oil from where petrol is found.

It is useful in catarrhal affections of the mucous membranes, gastric acidity and cutaneous eruptions.

It is useful in ‘MOTION SICKNESS’, lingering gastric and lung troubles.

This remedy suits subjects, who lose their way in the streets, think that they are double and feel that death is near and must hurry to settle all affairs.

It is useful in moist eruptions of the scalp.

It is useful loss of eyelashes, dim sight, marginal blepharitis (infection of the eyelids).

It is useful in chronic Eustachian catarrh, fissures in the meatus of the ear.

This remedy suits subjects, who are hungry after stools, who suffer from heartburn and sour eructation, who are averse to fat food, meat and a worse from cabbage and the odor of garlic.

This remedy suits persons who have diarrhea in the daytime, which is watery, gushing with itching in the anus. This remedy is suitable for those who get diarrhea after eating cabbage and when the diarrhea is associated with constant hunger.

This remedy suits all those persons who are disposed to get skin diseases in winter and get well in summer.  It is useful in dry skin with itching at night, when the skin is dry, rough, cracked and leathery and a slight scratch makes the skin suppurate.  This remedy is useful in Psoriasis, when the skin has thick green crusts, with burning and itching, redness and raw cracks that bleed easily.  This remedy is also useful in eczema.  This remedy is also useful for eczema of the genitals, with small vesicles, which itch, sting and burn

This remedy is useful when the tips of the fingers are rough, cracked and fissured every winter.  This remedy is useful for those affected by a thunderstorm and are worse before or during the thunderstorm.

This remedy suits subjects, who are worse in the dampness and before and during a thunderstorm in winter and to those who are worse during and after sleep.  It also suits subjects who are better in warm air, dry weather and lying with the head high.


 If you ever get a case of sea-sickness and you are in doubt between PETROLEUM and TABACUM, which is another common drug for sea sickness, you almost always get that occipital headache as well as the sea sickness in PETROLEUM, and TABACUM people have not got it at all. So, if you get seasickness with occipital headache, give PETROLEUM every time.

Dr. D. M. Borland, M.B., Ch.B.

 For those who will be traveling by air for the first time and who have found in the past that the downward motion of a lift causes the stomach to revolt or for those who have experienced air sickness of this type, I would suggest BORAX 30 to be taken on the first sign of uneasiness.  The use of NUX VOMICA or PETROLEUM, before the flight will also help.

Dr. S Philip Clements.