Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 148.



This remedy is derived from May apple, a plant belonging to the order of Barberidaceae.

This remedy is a children’s remedy.  It is useful for diarrhea in children with dentition, when the stools are green, watery, profuse and involuntary.  It is a useful remedy in infantile cholera, when used in the 1 M potency.

It is a remedy useful in cases of liver and duodenal disturbances, which is associated with a lot of distension.  It is useful in subjects with hot sour belching, nausea and vomiting and thirsting for large quantities of water.  It is also a useful remedy for Heartburn.

It is useful when the subject can only be comfortable while lying on the stomach, passing stool that is watery, jelly like, with mucous, painless and profuse, which is gushing and offensive.

It is useful in subjects who grind their teeth at night, with the intense desire to press the gums together.  It is useful when the tongue is broad, moist large with a burning sensation.

It is a useful remedy when there is a putrid taste in the mouth.

It is useful in prolapse of the rectum, before and after stools.  It is useful when there is alternate constipation with diarrhea.

It is useful in prolapse of the uterus, with right ovarian pain, and pain under the right scapula.

This remedy is useful in ailments pertaining to the right side of the body: right throat, right hypochondrium or right ovary, when the ailments are associated with depression and thirst for large quantities of water, with violent cramps in the feet, calves or things.  This remedy suits persons, who are constantly rubbing and shaking the liver region with the hand.


 For complete obstruction I have had wonderful success with PODOPHYLLUM C.M.

Dr. Wilbur K. Bond, M.D.

In constipation of bottle-fed babies, PODOPHYLLUM will sometimes relieve.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.

I value PODOPHYLLUM PELTATUM, highly in constipation, which it relieves safely, easily, naturally and effectually. My experience shows the propriety of diminishing, not increasing the dose.

Dr. Andrew Clark.

PODOPHYLLUM is a very potent remedy for certain injuries of the spine.

Dr. R. E.S. Hayes, M.D.

There is no remedy so surely indicated by painless cholera murbus as PODOPHYLLUM.

Dr. Bell.

PODOPHYLLUM is excellent in moderate attacks of jaundice, without fever, in chronic jaundice not much interfering with the general health.

Dr. Hempel.