Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 151.


This remedy is prepared from lean beef, which is allowed to stand in the sun for two weeks and later this remedy is potentized. Later Dr. Swan potentized septic pus and found that this remedy was equally efficacious.

It is a great remedy for septic states, where the fever is associated with intense restlessness.

It is useful in Typhoid fever, Ptomaine poisoning, and Diphtheria, dissecting wounds, gas gangrene and chronic malaria.  All discharges are horribly offensive.

It is useful whenever there is violent pain and burning in abscesses, in Influenza, and in typhoid states.

It is a useful remedy in subjects, whose minds are full of anxiety and insane notions and full of loquacity.

It is useful whenever subjects suffer from a bursting headache with restlessness.

It is useful in subjects, who have clean dry tongue, dry throat, nausea and vomiting, when the taste is fetid and the breath offensive.

It is useful whenever subject have coffee ground vomiting.

It is useful in subjects who have intolerable tenesmus of both the bladder and the rectum.

It suits subjects who have diarrhea, which are horribly offensive, brown blackish and whenever the stools are black.

It is useful in heart symptoms – when there is palpitation with a sensation as if the heart were full and the pulse is out of proportion to the fever and the when the subject is acutely conscious of the heart beat.

It suits female subjects who have puerperal peritonitis or septicemia following abortion. It also suits females who have fever at each menstrual period.  This remedy is useful in cases where the dead fetus is retained inside womb for days, and becomes black and there is a vaginal discharge, which is offensive and is associated with a retained placenta.

This remedy is useful in septic fevers with latent pyogenic conditions, with great heat and profuse hot sweat, but sweating does not cause a fall of the temperature.

This remedy suits subjects who have aching in all bones and limbs and the bed feels hard and the subject feels a great sense of debility in the morning, with soreness better by motion.

This remedy suits subjects who seem to be in a semi-sleepy state and dream all night.  It also suits subjects who get relief from movement.


 In post-operative cases, where the patient becomes overwhelmed with sepsis and sinks into typhoid like state, jeopardizing the success of the operation, which was carefully planned and skillfully executed.  PYROGENIUM if exhibited at the proper time instead of deluging the sufferer with narcotics will shield the operator from many days of anxiety both as to his patient’s welfare and his reputation.

Dr. F. Aguilar, M.D.

Suppuration after operation: Homeopathic suppuration remedies plus PYROGEN.

Dr. George Burford.

In my hands, PYROGEN cured septic Influenza, puerperal pyelitis and post-operative pyrexia and it will continue to cure other septic diseases showing the typical symptoms.

Dr. Dorothy Shepherd.

When a blanket of chemotherapy is apparently indicated, try PYROGEN in 200th potency a few doses pre and post-operatively and reserve chemotherapy to be used later if really required, unless there is overwhelming infection.

Dr. Foubister, M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H.

PYROGEN for septic wounds that rapidly involves the heart and other vital centers of the body.

Dr. A. H. Grimmer, M.D.

I have found PYROGEN invaluable in fevers of septic origin, all forms when BAPTISIA, ECHINACEA, RHUS TOX or the best-selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve, study PYROGEN.

Dr. H C Allen, M.D.

PYROGEN has a great reputation in the USA for its power of expelling the retained placenta and one has seen it with cows also.

Dr. Tyler, M.D.

American doctors find one of their most dramatic uses for PYROGEN in sepsis after delivery with offensive discharges and where part of the placenta has been retained. They say that they give PYROGEN and it ‘pops out’.

Dr. Tyler, M.D.

Pelvic cellulites in women: Pain in the affected part so severe at times as not permit patient to stand, sit or remain lying.  Here, PYROGENIUM proves itself superior to MORPHINE, every time, relieving the pain permanently as a rule.

Dr. F. Aguillar, M.D.

I prescribe PYROGEN very often especially for Influenza. It works wonderfully.  It works wonderfully. It cures Influenza, but nevertheless the constitution remains the same. Afterwards I must prescribe something else.

Dr. Bellokossy, M.D.

Fever: during convalescence after confinement; after curettage of the uterus etc: PYROGEN 30 or 200 every 3 to 4 hours and cease directly the temperature falls.

Dr. G. Budford.

It is extremely useful to employ PYROGEN especially in cases where there is insufficient reaction to or insufficient improvement.  If for instance, patient suffering from tuberculosis, carcinoma etc., improve in a sluggish manner or do not improve at all, it wound seem wise to give a few doses of PYROGEN, a dose once a week- on the assumption of septic focus which is obscure.

Ellis Barker.

Those cases that simulate Typhoid fever, and the positive diagnosis is only established after the Widal reaction has decided one way or the other, respond well to PYROGEN.

Dr. F. Aguilar, M.D.

PYROGEN is sometimes useful when there is a history of septicemia, severe after-effects of dental extraction, or ill health commencing after an abortion in the absence of any obvious pelvic pathology.

Dr. Foubister, M.B., Ch.B., D.C.H.

PYROGEN is indicated in:

  1. Threatening cardiac failure in zymotic or septic fevers.
  2. Fever at each menstrual period, consequent upon latent pelvic inflammation.
  3. Rapid decubitis of septic origin.