Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 152.




This remedy is derived from Buttercup.  It is a medicinal plant.

It suits women who are afraid of ghosts and cannot remain alone in the evening.

This remedy has a marked effect on the chest walls. It is very useful whenever there is pain and soreness in the chest area, sternum end and inter-costal spaces.  It is useful in inter-costal rheumatism and when there is sciatica.

It is useful for the bad effects of alcohol, especially in delirium tremens, after the over-indulgence of alcohol.

It is a marvelous remedy in pleurisy, where the subject feels worse with the slightest movement, worse with breathing in.

It is an excellent remedy for violent pains over the right eye that is relieved from walking.

It is a wonderful remedy in Herpes Zoster.

It is useful whenever there is a blister like condition in the palms and fingertips and it is often a preferred remedy over GRAPHITES.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse from the open air, motion, contact, atmospheric changes, wet stormy weather and in evening cold air which brings on all kinds of ailments.


 None of us think of ARNICA and RANUNCULUS BULBOSIS, as often as we should in cases of intercostals muscular or nerve pain.  They are both very valuable in inter-costal neuralgia.

Dr. Carl. A. Williams, M.D.

 It is because of one’s happy experiences in the case of Shingles with RANUNCULUS BULBOSIS that one is impelled to honor them.  In the course of years, one has had many cases of Herpes Zoster to treat, and fails to remember a RANUNCULUS case where a few doses of a high potency did not wipe out the trouble in a couple of days, pain and all.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

 Some 80% of fever blisters can be quickly cured often in 36 hours with NATRUM MUR in 6x, 12xor 30th potencies. I have seen some cases of fever blisters cured as if by magic with RANUNCULUS BULBOSIS or RANUNCULUS SCLERATUS, which would not respond with NATRUM MUR in any potency.

Dr. E. Petric Hoyle.

 Inter-costal rheumatism yields far more quickly to RANUNCULUS BULBOSIS than to any other. There is usually a great deal of soreness to touch; the muscles feel bruised as if they had been pounded.  I know that ACONITE, ARNICA or BRYONIA is often given when RANUNCULUS is indicated.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.