Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 158.


This remedy is derived from a common European plant called as “Rue”.

This remedy is useful because it acts on the periosteum, cartilages, eyes and uterus.  It is useful whenever there is a tendency to formation of deposits in the periosteum, tendons, and joints and around the joints especially around the wrist.  It suits subjects, where all the parts of the body appear bruised.

It is a useful remedy for the over-strain of the ocular muscles.  It is useful to combat eyestrain followed by a headache, where the eyes are red, hot or painful, worse after reading or sewing.  It suits subjects who have disturbances of accommodation of vision.

This remedy suits subjects, who have INTENSE LASSITUDE, WITH WEAKNESS AND DESPAIR.

It is useful whenever the bone is bruised or injured.

It is useful whenever there is a headache where the head feels as if a nail is bored in.

It is useful to combat alcoholic hangover.

It suits subjects who have a bruised feeling on their tarsal cartilage.

It is useful whenever the subject feels a pressure over the eyebrows.

This remedy is also indicated in Warts, Cancer of the rectum, in patients with hives after eating meat and also in cases of Ganglion of the wrist.


 RUTA GRAVEOLENS has a marked action on the rectum and should be remembered in cases of inoperable cancer of that region.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

I have used RUTA generally in the 50M potency in GANGLION. It will remove it almost without fail.

Dr. Woodbury, M.D.

 After manipulating subluxations of the pelvis, it seems to be good practice to give a dose or two of RUTA.  So far as one has observed the pain sometimes felt for a day or two after such manipulations, may be this lessened or obviated.

Dr. M.L. Tyler, M.D.

 Immediately bathing with water as hot as can be borne for a length of time, followed by a compress of ARNICA, ACONITE, RHUS TOX or RUTA.  This treatment employed promptly generally cures at once.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

 For Tennis elbow: RUTA GRAVEOLENS.

Dr. Kent.

 RUTA ointment used in conjunction with infrared radiation is useful in Teno-synovitis.


RUTA is a useful remedy for complaints arising out of straining flexor tendons.

Dr. C.C. Boericke, M.D.