Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 166.


 This remedy is derived from the Ergot of Rye.

It is a useful remedy in old subject, who have a shriveled skin and also suits thin scrawny women, who were thin, feeble and cachetic.

This remedy suits subjects whose body is pervaded with great heat within and icy cold from the outside.

This remedy suits contraction of the un-striped muscles fibers and hence it gives rise to a feeling of coldness, numbness and gangrene.

This remedy is suitable, whenever there is hemorrhage, which is thin fetid, black and watery.

This remedy is suitable in subjects with congestive headaches in the back of the head (occiput).

It suits subjects who have falling hair, which is dry and gray.

This remedy is suitable in subjects with nasal bleeding, which is dark and oozing.

This remedy suits subjects, whose eyes are sunken with a blue margin and the face is pale and sunken.

This remedy suits subjects who have an unnatural nervous appetite with unquenchable thirst.

This remedy suits subjects who have coffee ground vomiting with burning in the stomach (as in gastric hemorrhage or in a bleeding peptic ulcer).

This remedy suits subjects with involuntary stools with no sensation of passing stools.

This remedy is suitable in subjects with a paralyzed bladder with retention and unsuccessful urging of urine with a discharge of black blood from the bladder.

This remedy is useful in post-partum hemorrhage.  This remedy is suitable for female subjects with menstrual colic with intolerance to heat.  This remedy is also useful in females with offensive brownish leucorrhoea. This remedy also suits female subjects who have a watery dark and offensive discharge from the uterus after delivering a baby (this discharge is called as lochia).  This remedy suits female subjects who have Puerperal fever (fever after labor) with putrid discharges from the uterus.  This remedy is useful for prolonged ineffectual labor pains.

This remedy is also suitable in Angina Pectoris, with dyspnoea and oppression and boring pain in the chest.

This remedy is useful in the STAGGERING GAIT IN LOCOMOTOR ATAXIA.

This remedy is useful when the fingers and the feet become blue, shriveled and icy cold.  This remedy is extremely useful to combat the violent pain in the fingertips due to Raynaud’s disease.  This remedy is useful to stop the progression of slow gangrene, due to bad and slow circulation in the extremities.

This remedy suits subjects who feel worse from the heat, warm covering and who are better from the cold, uncovering, rubbing and stretching out of the limbs.


 With bleeding in a duodenal ulcer, evidenced by tarry stools more than by bloody vomiting; HAMAMELIS, ERIGERON, TRILLIUM is valuable when hemorrhage is so severe that collapse and heart weakness threatens. SECALE: Bleeding which does not cease.

Dr. Schwarzspt.

 During labor or uterine hemorrhage, SECALE CORNUTUM should be used with great discretion: it is extremely dangerous when there is Albuminuria, for it is liable to bring on convulsions; if used too freely during labor, it is extremely apt to cause puerperal metritis.

Dr. H.C. Allen, M.D.

 My big  ‘5’ in obstetrical hemorrhage are MILLEFOLIUM, PHOSPHORUS, NITRIC ACID, SECALE CORNUTUM and SABINA.

Dr. Krischbaum.

 SECALE CORNUTUM is frequently indicated in Post-partum hemorrhage, but more so IPAECAC.

Dr. Nash, M.D.

The following remedies are useful for high blood pressure: BARYTA CARB, CONIUM, DIGITALIS, OPIUM, SECALE CORNUTUM, TABACUM and URANIUM NITRICUM.

Dr. F.C. Askenstedt.

In arteriosclerotic heart disease, when the pathology is angina pectoris and right heart disease, with cold and blue extremities, intermittent claudication and endarteritis: SECALE CORNUTUM.

Dr. C. C. Boericke, M.D.

Pain in the chest going down both arms; my first thought in angina pectoris cases is SECALE CORNUTUM 12x.  You will find it very satisfactory.

Dr. Garth. W. Boericke, M.D.