Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 175.


This remedy is derived from Sulfur and this remedy owes its existence to Dr. Hahnemann and this one of the greatestanti-psoric remedies.

Its action is centrifugal having an affinity for the skin, where it cures the burning heat and itching sensation made worse from the heat of the bed.


The subjects requiring Sulfur are often dirty, filthy personalities prone to skin infections, with a dry hard hair and skin and red orifices.  Most subjects requiring Sulfur are averse to bathing. Mentally, subjects requiring Sulfur are ‘RAGGED PHILOSOPHERS’, very forgetful by nature and they have peculiar delusions and feel that the rags that they wear are beautiful.  These subjects are often extremely selfish and have no regard for others.  Some of these subjects suffer from religious melancholy and are lazy and averse to business. Subjects requiring Sulfur are generally depressed, thin and weak, but with a good appetite.  Patients who require Sulfur are extremely nervous in temperament, quick tempered and sensitive to atmospheric changes.  These patients usually lead sedentary lives.They are usually very warm blooded.

This remedy is extremely useful in stimulating the host defenses when carefully selected remedies fail toact.  This remedy is also useful when diseases have a tendency to relapse.

This remedy is useful whenever all discharges are offensive in nature.  It is useful in chronic ailments, which occur from suppressed eruption

 The subjects requiring Sulfur feel a constant heat on the top of the head, with a sick headache recurring periodically.  This remedy is useful in Taenia Capitis (fungal infection of the scalp), with a dry scalp and falling ofthe hair, which is worse from washing the head. This remedy is also useful for itching in the scalp with burning.

 This remedy is useful whenever there is burning and ulceration at the margins of the eyelids.  This remedy is useful in Chronic Ophthalmitis.

This remedy is useful when there is a whizzing or a buzzing sound in the ears and combats the bad effects of a suppressed ear infection (otorrhoea).

This remedy is useful in Herpes across the nose.  It is also useful when the nose is stuffed up indoors, with chronic dry catarrh.  It is also useful in polyps and in swelling of the adenoid glands.

This remedy is useful when the tongue is white with a red tip and borders.

This remedy is also useful when there is a total loss of appetite or when there is an excessive appetite.  This remedy is useful in putrid eructation,when the subject drinks a lot of fluids and eats little.  This remedy is useful when milk disagrees and in subjects who have a great desire for sweets.

This remedy is very useful when there is great acidity and a PECULIAR SYMPTOM IS THAT THE SUBJECT FEELS VERY WEAK AND FAINT AT 11 A.M.

This remedy is useful for pain and soreness in the liver region and colic in the abdomen after drinking.

This remedy is useful when there is itching and burning of the anus, piles, frequent unsuccessful desire forpassing stools and the stools are hard, knotty and insufficient.  This remedy is also useful in morning diarrhea,which drives the subject out of bed.

This remedy is useful when subjects have frequent urination in the night, with burning of the urethra during urination, associated with mucous and pus in the urine. This remedy is also useful when subjects have to hurry to urinated and pass great quantities of colorless urine.

 This remedy suits male subjects who have involuntary emissions and when the penis seems to be cold and the erections are unsatisfactory.

This remedy also suits female subjects who have a thick black leucorrhoea, which makes the vulval region sore.

This remedy is useful when subjects experience a difficulty in breathing and have a loose cough with a greenish purulent sweetish expectoration.  This remedy is also useful whenever there is a ‘RATTLING SOUND IN THE CHEST’.  This remedy is useful in breathlessness inthe middle of the night, relieved by sitting up.

This remedy suits subjects, who have hot sweaty hands, burning in the soles and hands at night.  This remedy is useful in dissolving GANGLIONS (cysts that occur in the wrist).

This remedy is useful in subjects, who talk and have jerky twitches in the sleep and it is useful all subjects who cannot sleep between 2 am to 5 am.

This remedy is useful in certain forms high fever where the body is extremely hot and also useful in remittent types of fever.

This remedy is useful in dry scaly unhealthy skin where every injury suppurates. This remedy is also useful in itching and burning which is worse scratching and washing. This remedy is useful in pimples, in pustular infections and in itching of the skin, which becomes worse after the subject is warmed.  This remedy is useful all ailments that recur in spring time and damp weather. This remedy suits subjects who are worse at rest, while standing, warmth of the bed, worse washing, those who are worseat 11 am and those who are worse at night from alcoholic stimulants.

This remedy suits subjects who are better from warm dry weather, lying down on the right side and those subjects who feel better after drawing up the affected limbs.

Sulfur is considered to be a  prophylactic remedy in Cholera, Malaria and in recurring boils.  It is considered to be a near specific remedy in Acne, Adenoid enlargement, Boils, Asthma, Eczema, Constipation, Diarrhea and Dysentery, Urtcaria and many Rheumatic disorders.

 Remedies that follow SULFUR are ALOES, PSORINUM & ACONITE.


The remedies most frequently useful for arthritic pain and muscle spasm are a somewhat unusual and surprising list.  In incipient or early chronic arthritis, the statistics of my practice have shown that NATRUM MUR leads the list.  The second most frequent remedy in early arthritis I have found to be SULFUR. The 3rd in frequency is RHUS TOX.

Dr.E. W. Hubbard, M.D.

In insomnia during pregnancy, if it continues without any other ailment, a dose of COFFEA or BELLADONNA will often bring back the sleep.  If nightmare occurs, give ACONITE or SULFUR.


 SULFUR has been used for many years by a friend to abort an attack of PUERPERAL FEVER, which is a distressing occurrence after childbirth.  I would give a dose of SULFUR 2 C and go home to a peaceful sleep, knowing it would begone tomorrow.

Dr.T. K. Moore, M.D.

NITRIC ACID was a favorite remedy of Dr. Jahr for flat, superficial erosion of the cervix uteri (THUJA, SEPIA); Ludlam recommends its persistent use in alternation with SULFUR at long intervals.

Dr.Laura. B. Hord, M.D.

In pericarditis with effusion, you may give SULFUR with great confidence when there is plastic exudation if the inflammation seems to linger.

Dr.Hale, M.D.

Children who had broncho pneumonia treated with SULPHA ANTIBIOTICS, if they have chronic conditions later, with a degree of cyanosis: SULFUR 30 C clears quickly.

Dr.Paterson, D.P.H.

SULFUR is the head remedy for colitis(chronic dysentery). Treatment should be started with this remedy. It would cure large number of cases without the help of any other remedy. Use 200dilutions.

Dr.R. B. Das.

Dr. Mc. Laren in a recent Homeopathic Recorder (45:840) claimed that SULFUR would cure 9 out of 10 case of chronic gastric ulcer, with CARBO VEG coming next.

Dr.Paul S. Wayne, M.D.

SULFUR is a most universal remedy for Asthma.  There is scarcely a case of asthma where SULFUR is not used.


In pleurisy with exudation APIS is one of the best remedies when we have to bring about absorption of this fluid. APIS & SULFUR will cure the majority of the cases.

Dr.Farrington, M.D.

In Pneumonia with pleurisy, one dose of ACONITE followed by 1 dose of SULFUR will frequently give relief.

Dr.Kent, M.D.

SULFUR is a good finisher of relapsing colds; PSORINUM also is very useful for the same purpose.

Dr.E. W. Hubbard, M.D.

In all cases of hay-fever requiring SULFUR, you need a nosode and it is usually PSORINUM or TUBERCULINUM and I would suggest, quite humbly, if you give TUBERCULINUM to your patient, he maybe able to stand the feather afterwards.

Dr.Edward. C. Whitmont, M.D.

In chronic hoarseness, when CAUSTICUM fails, this medicine is all sufficient remedy: SULFUR.


When there is a marked trembling of the lower jaw in Pneumonia, think of SULFUR.


Paraplegia occurring in young children,caused by exposure of the back or seat to damp cold readily yields to RHUS TOX and an occasional dose of SULFUR.

Dr.Durham, M.D.

Schizophrenic patients are notoriously dirty and careless of personal appearance. SULFUR & PSORINUM are medicines to be considered.

DR.Foubister, M.B., Ch.B, D.C.H., etc.

We know that in Paris, some 30,000 or40,000 children were vaccinated after each was given a dose of SULFUR and this is supposed to prevent the vaccinia itself.

Dr.E. A. Farrington, M.D.

The so-called allergic reactions to antibiotics are often cured by SULFUR.

Dr.Jacob. Genis, M.D.

Solar dermatitis (Photosensitive dermatitis), which is a condition of great sensitivity of the rays of the sun,is benefited by SULFUR.

Dr.Jacob. Genis. M.D.

The internal use of SULFUR, a dose of ahigh potency, occasionally corrects the disposition of excessive secretion of SEBORRHOEA.

Dr.C. G. Raue, M.D.

When beginning a new case especially askin condition, unless there is clear-cut indication, always begin with SULFUR and then watch for better indications.

Dr.Boericke, M.D.

In Lachrymal fistula, I have not treateda single case, where SULFUR did not render eminent service, in many case, this remedy alone affected a cure.  If SULFUR was not sufficient, I have generally accomplished my purpose by giving CALC. Alone or a dose of LYCOPODIUM after CALC.


SULFUR is indicated in conjunctivitis from irritation of foreign bodies when ACONITE fails.

Dr.Farrington, M.D.

SULFUR is very often required not only to clear up but also to give a certain amount of immunity against colds and coryzas so prevalent in highly industrialized areas with their smoke polluted atmosphere.  The symptoms are usually chronically recurring and characterized by congestion of the sinuses, nasal obstruction with discharge: and sore, ulcerated burning nostrils, oppression of the chest and terrible coughing worse in the mornings and evenings and the lachrymation and heat of the face.  This observation also holds good for many miners and industrial workers especially those in the early stages of Pneumoconiosis i.e.: Silicosis, Asbestosis, Anthracosis,Siderosis, railway men and workers with industrial chemicals.

Dr.Jacob. Genis. M.D.

In confirmed Gout, I have seen much benefit from the administration of SULFUR.


In the obstinate vomiting of hysterical girls, I have found SULFUR 30 often very useful.


We may use SULFUR in synovitis, particularly after exudation has taken place. SULFUR here produces absorption and very rapidly too, particularly in the knee.

Dr.Farrington, M.D.

SULFUR in CM potency is generally efficacious in the case of Ganglion.

Dr.Clarke, M.D.

Experience has shown that a vitaminosis troubles arising from eating too much cooked meat are best treated with SULFUR.

Dr.F. H.  Bellokossy, M.D.

SULFUR often produces prolonged aggravation when there are many tissue changes in advanced Syphilis.

Dr.L. Hurd.

When SULFUR is prescribed in any case and produces alarming aggravation, one must think of the existence of a latent state of syphilis and the SYPHILINUM works well, and antidotes the over action of SULFUR.

Dr.Noel. Pudephatt.

SULFUR is indicated in tuberculous lymphadenitis complicated by caseation, breakdown and multiple sinus formation with super-added secondary infection – a condition described as scrofula and met with in emaciated, shriveled looking children who are always voraciously hungry, also in older subjects when tuberculosis is rife.

Dr.D. M. Gibson, F.R.C.S., F.F. Hom (Lond).

SULFUR is to be considered in deep-seated sepsis, especially when associated with hectic fever and rigors.

Dr.D. M. Gibson, F.R.C.S., F.F. Hom (Lond).