Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 178.


It is a nosode – it is made from the syphilitic bacteria.

This remedy is useful in subjects who have sheer prostration and debility in the morning.

It is a very useful remedy in ulceration of the mouth, nose, genitals, and skin and in patients who have a succession of abscesses.

This remedy is useful in subjects with a loss of memory, when subjects remember everything prior to their illness.  This remedy is useful when subjects are apathetic and feels that they are going insane. This remedy is useful when subjects feel hopeless and despair their recovery and DREAD THE NIGHT.

This remedy is useful for falling of the hair, when there is pain in the bones of the head, associated with stupefying headache.

This remedy is useful in recurrent case of Phlyectunular inflammation of the cornea, associated intense photophobia with profuse lachrymation.

This remedy is useful in caries of the ossicles of the ear, which are syphilitic in origin.

This remedy is useful in caries of the nasal bones, hard palate and septum with perforation, associated with ozena (bad odor from the nares).

This remedy is useful for teeth decay at gum edges, with serrated edges and dwarfed.  This remedy is also useful when the tongue is coated, with the indentation of the teeth.  This remedy is useful for excessive salivation, when the saliva runs out of the mouth, while sleeping.

This remedy is useful in stopping the craving for alcohol.

This remedy is useful for Sciatica, which is worse in the night, for rheumatism of the shoulder joint at the insertion of the deltoid muscle.  This remedy is useful in rheumatism of the muscles, which are hard as knots or lumps.  This remedy is extremely useful in cases of Pains that increase and decrease gradually, which are shifting and require a constant change of position.

This remedy suits female subjects, who have profuse, thin watery acrid leucorrhoea.

This remedy is useful in cases of fissures in the anus and the rectum, in cases with a history of Syphilis.

Like SULFUR, SYPHILINUM is also useful when the best selected remedies fails to relieve or permanently improve in Syphilitic affections.

This remedy is useful in chronic asthma worse in summer, and with wheezing, which is worse at night.

This remedy is useful in subjects when the skin has a reddish brown eruption with a disagreeable odor.

This remedy suits subjects who are worse at night, sundown to sunrise, worse in the seashore, worse in summer.  This remedy also suits subjects who are better inland and in mountains, during the day and while moving about slowly.


At birth, I give a dose of MEDORRHINUM if the child is inclined to be gross with a large head; if it is a little bit of a skinny baby that is snuffling almost as soon as it breathes, underweight, wrinkled and old looking, I give a dose of SYPHILINUM.

Dr. Krichbaum.

In children who look ‘old, dwarfed, wrinkled’, with also T.B heredity, SYPHILINUM and BACILLINUM given in turn, will work wonders.

Dr. Noel Pudephatt.

In old Syphilitics and non-syphilitics suffering for years and years from affections of the throat and skin, SYPHILINUM is indicated.

Dr. Leon. Renard.

If arthritic attacks alternate with urticaria, never occurring simultaneously, consider URTICA URENS. If arthritic pains alternate with pains, which change from throat to ear, from trachea or bronchi to teeth and if the pains are markedly aggravated from sunset to sunrise, SYPHILINUM is probably indicated especially if the patient dreads the night because of the suffering and subsequent weakness.

Dr. H. A. Roberts, M.D.

When the patient is aggravated by SULFUR, we must always think of the existence of a latent state of syphilis, if PULSATILLA, another antidote of SULFUR does not produce any result. (SYPHILINUM is an antidote to SULFUR).

Dr. Leon. Renard.

I have experimented more with so-called nosodes, and have had seemingly very good results from MEDORRHINUM as well as SYPHILINUM in intractable case of chronic rheumatism.  The most characteristic difference is that with MEDORRHINUM, the pains are worse in the daytime and with SYPHILINUM, in the night.

Dr. Nash, M.D.

When TUBERCULINUM fails, try SYPHILINUM, it often arouses a reaction.

Dr. William. Boericke, M.D.

In lymph-sarcoma, think of SYPHILINUM and CISTUS CANEDENSIS.

Dr. Leonrenard.

In primary Syphilis, SYPHILINUM has little or no effect at all and then MERCURY should be given in higher potencies.  SYPHILINUM will be useful as a remedy will be of great value in old syphilitics, where convalescence is particularly long after and acute disease.  It is in a way that when a patient that when a patient is slowly re-establishing himself after Typhoid, a single dose of SYPHILINUM will bring him his appetite, strength, sleep and a rapid gain of his former weight.

Dr. Kent, M.D.

When SULFUR is prescribed in any case and produces alarming aggravation, one must think of the existence of a latent state of syphilis and then SYPHILINUM works well and antidotes the over action of SULFUR.

Dr. W. H. Goodwin.