Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 18



It is derived from a plant called as Barberry belonging to the natural order of Berberidaceae. It is found in Europe and especially in Great Britain.

It is a useful remedy in renal colic, vesical (related to the bladder) and in gall stone problems.

It is useful in inflammation of the kidneys with hematuria.

It promotes the flow of bile.


It is useful where there is a constant urging for stools with a fistula in ano.

It is useful in burning pains in the urinary bladder. There is pain in the thighs and loins after urination.

It is useful in neuralgias of the spermatic cord and the testicles.

It is useful in flat warts, which itch, burn and smart and are worse by scratching.


It is useful in polyps in the vocal cords.


It is also a useful remedy in gout and rheumatic complaints associated with burning and soreness in the kidney region with stiffness and lameness.

It is useful when pains wander from joint to joint. It is also useful in cutting pains on the balls of the feet, which are worse on standing with the weight concentrated on the heels.

It is useful in female subjects with a burning sensation of the vagina.

It is useful in lumbago with urinary symptoms.

This remedy is useful in subjects who are worse from motion, jarring, stepping hard, rising from a sitting position, from fatigue and after urination.


BERBERIS has suffering and pain in persons who have been operated on for fistula-in-ano, when the fistula has closed, the pains will come on if it is a BERBERIS case.

Dr. L. J. Hord.

BERBERIS is an excellent remedy for renal colic. The pains are of a shooting character. The patient cannot make the slightest motion and must sit bent over towards the painful side to obtain relief. If in addition, he complains of sharp darting pains following the direction of the ureter and extending into the hip, there is no remedy like BERBERIS. Dr. Farrington, M.D.

In gouty swelling of the big toe with scanty urine, I found BERBERIS VULGARIS coming to my air, when other usual drugs failed to relieve.
Dr. Jugal Kishore, B.Sc., D.M.S.
I have found this remedy useful in expelling small renal stones and ameliorating cases of renal colic. Very often small stones dissolve when alternated with another remedy called as SARSAPARILLA. Of course, being primarily an allopathic physician, I have selected my patients very carefully. With new modalities in Allopathic medicine like, Lithotripsy and other measures, I generally prefer to use it post-operatively and somehow, it also seems to prevent the recurrence of renal stones, although there is little evidence to prove it. I have never dared to use it in Acute Cholecystitis with Gallstones, where the treatment of choice in my book would be Surgery.

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