Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 180.


This remedy is made from a spider, which is called as the ROTTEN CUBAN TARENTULA.  It is found in Cuba.

It is a remedy that is useful in toxic and septic states.

It is very useful in Diphtheria, in severe cases where there is a severe inflammation and prostration.

It is said to soothe patients who are dying. It is said to soothe the last struggles of the patient.

It is useful in cases where there is itching in the genital area.

It is useful in Bubonic plague.

It is useful in skin conditions, when there are pimples, carbuncles and boils that sting and pain. It has the capacity to resolve abscess and prevent gangrene.

Other remedies that complement Tarentula Cubensis include, Pyrogen, Anthracinum, Echinacea and Crotalus horridus.


Tarentula Cubensis is my standby in any abscess where there is severe pain.  I formerly thought I had a wonderful remedy for such conditions in ARSENICUM and ANTHRACINUM but I have found that Tarentula Cubensis does much better.

  • Dr. Benthack.

In felons, Tarentula Cubensis is simply wonderful. I have seen felons, which had kept patients awake night after night, walking the floor in agony from the terrible pains relieved in a very short time that they could sleep in perfect comfort until the swellings spontaneously discharged and progressed into a rapid cure.

  • Dr. Nash

Tarentula Cubensis soothes the dying sufferer and I have never seen any other remedy do so.

  • Dr. Kent

By a very ingenious selection of AGARICUS by Dr. Korndoerfer, in the case of a 2 year old child who had evident meningitis and who was not relieved by APIS, SULPHUR etc., the rolling of the head ceased, alarmingly forewarning of imbecility happily vanished and the patient fully recovered. I used the drug in a case of typhoid in which the child rolled her head and bit her nightgown.  Some improvement followed.  TARENTULA was then given with slight aggravation followed by lasting improvement. The two should be remembered in impending imbecility.

Dr. E A Farrington.

I think TARENTULA CUBENSIS is more useful in whooping cough that IPAECAC or CASTANEA VESCA or any other remedy I know; it is marvellous.

  • Dr. Macfarlan.

HEPAR SULF, BELLADONNA, ARNICA and SILICEA are of no use in chronic boils and carbuncles.  TARENTULA or ANTHRACINUM clear up the boils in a few days miraculously and brilliantly.

  • Dr. Dorothy Shepard.