Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 182.


It is useful in Ringworm infection behind the ears.

This is a very useful remedy in skin eruptions with offensive discharges, sacral and sciatic pains.

This remedy suits persons who are neglectful and forgetful.

This remedy is suitable when the eyelids are inflamed and thickened along with intractable itching. It is useful in Pterygium and certain forms of pustular conjunctivitis.  This remedy aids in the absorption of infiltration of the iris and choroids.

This remedy is useful in cases of eczema behind the ears and in cases in cases of middle ear infections, where the discharge is acrid and smells like fish-pickle

This remedy is useful in cases of cold with increased lacrymation, which is better in open air.

This remedy is useful when there is pain in the sacrum and symptoms suggestive of sciatica.

This remedy is useful in barber’s itch, ringworm infection and eczema behind the ears.


Tellurium is useful in certain cases of carcinoma when a vile odour and purpura figurate is present.

– Dr. C M Boger.

Tellurium is highly recommended by Houghton in acute inflammation of the external auricle, external auditory canal and external surface of the tympanum.

–  Dr. Pritz Donner.