Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 186.


It is a remedy that is prepared from the dried Thyroid gland of Sheep or calf.

It exerts a regulating influence on the organs of nutrition growth and development.

It is useful in obesity and a state of puffiness, where the person feels fatigued, tired and sick. It has a diuretic action in various types of oedema.

It is useful in cases of Myxedema with loss of hair and in cases of cretinism.

It is useful in the development of children especially boys with un-descended testicles.

It is useful in Psoriasis associated with adiposity and dry skin.

It helps improve the memory in patients who have stupor alternating with melancholy.

It is useful in dissolving mammary tumours and some forms of uterine fibroids.

It is useful in obese patients who have tachycardia and palpitation aggravated with the least exertion.

It is useful in cases of progressive diminution of vision.

It is useful in cases of Rheumatoid arthritis with a tendency of obesity, cramps in the extremities and oedema of the legs.


Dyspnoea without apparent cause of or obscure character as we get in allergic oedema of lungs, points unmistakably to THYROIDINUM in chronic cases or in acute exacerbation in chronic conditions

Dr. Ghosh. M.D.

During the later months of pregnancy, I generally use THYROIDINUM in the 30th potency once a week to prevent uterine inertia in the primipara.  It should not be forgotten as a very important reactive remedy during the course of labour and even during secondary uterine inertia.

Dr. Ghosh.  M.D.

THYROIDINUM is one of our pre-eminent remedies in cases of early abortion and tendency to premature labour when the cause is not of mechanical origin.

Dr. Ghosh. M.D.

THYROIDINUM controls ordinary cases of vomiting during pregnancy well.

Dr. Ghosh. M. D.

In Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia and Amenorrhoea of Hypo-pituitarism, there is no better remedy than THYROIDINUM.

Dr. Ghosh. M.D.

Allergy and vasomotor disturbances THYROIDINUM in potency is one of our main remedies to cope with the acute symptoms of vasomotor disturbance.

Dr. Ghosh. M.D.

THYROIDINUM is one of our best remedies for the newborn babies and is very useful in all cases of convulsions, where it is not due to any trauma during delivery or when it is not attended with a rise in temperature.

Dr. Ghosh. M.D.

THYROID EXTRACT 1x has often helped infants with a high grade of malnutrition with fat intolerance.

DR. Williams B. Griggs M.D.

THYROIDINUM is a very neglected medicine in Homoeopathy. Seldom have Homeopaths taken service of this widely useful nosode, particularly in deep-seated chronic complications. It unlocks many a tangle very easily and makes an easy way to cure.

Dr. Ghosh. M.D.

In GLAUCOMA as a complication of epidemic dropsy or connected with Vasomotor disturbances due to allergy, THYROIDINUM may nip in the bud if given early.

Dr. Ghosh. M.D.

I have found THYROIDINUM in low potencies useful in the distressing itching of Psoriasis.

Dr. Scholtz.

THYROIDINUM is almost specific for urticaria and angioneurotic oedema, which are important manifestations of vasomotor imbalance in allergy.

Dr. Ghosh. M.D.

I have found the good effects from THYROIDINUM in insanity when it is connected with disordered menstruation in young girls.

Dr. Ghosh. M.D.