Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 190.


It is an excellent drug for auricular fibrillation. It induces a fall in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

It is a good remedy when there is great prostration and weakness.

It combats the ill effects of sunstroke and it can also abort early stages of pneumonia.

It suits patients who are quarrelsome and delirious.

It suits patients who are thirsty and have nausea and vomiting after the least quantity of food is ejected.

It is useful in heart conditions, where the heart rate is slow, weak and irregular. It is also useful in valvular diseases.

It is a suitable remedy in Erysipelas and in suppurative fevers, where there are great temperature variations.

Related remedies are Gelsemium, Baptisia, Belladonna and Aconite.


In Meningismus, two remedies give good results. They are ACONITE AND VERATRUM VIRIDE.

Dr. Griggs. M.D.

Acute and chronic congestions of hypertensives with hypertension itself come under the domain of VERATRUM VIRIDE. Oppression, sighing, rapid respiration and gasping for breath are their distressing symptoms and VERATRUM VIRIDE is the only salvation.

Dr. Bellokossy. M.D.

In Pneumonia, Dr. Hale considers VERATRUM VIRIDE better than ACONITE. But VERATRUM VIRIDE should be discontinued immediately after the pulse falls to its normal rate.

Dr. Ruddock. M.D.

VERATRUM VIRIDE comes in as an invaluable remedy in those violent congestions, which precede Pneumonia. It may even abort the whole disease.

Dr. E. A. Farrington. M.D.

Impending Tetanus, we certainly have efficient preventives of the full-fledged disease.  ACONITE, with fever, anxiety, tension of muscles, tingling and numbness. VERATRUM VIRIDE, HYPERICUM with excruciating pain in the wound; BELLADONNA, CICUTA, SILICEA and probably AUGUSTURA; if the wound is suppurating or has ceased to discharge pus.

Dr. Farrington. M.D.

In all inflammatory conditions where there are marked gastric symptoms, I prefer VERATRUM VIRIDE TO ACONITE.

Dr. Peterson.