Some useful Homeopathic remedies Part- 192.


Useful in Pterigium

This remedy presents a picture of brain fag and that of depression.

This remedy suits individuals, whose tissues are worn out faster than they are replaced.

It is a very useful remedy in anaemia and eruptive diseases.

This remedy suits persons, who have a weak memory, who are sensitive to noise and averse to work and talk and for those who suffer from melancholia.

This remedy suits persons, who have headache, which forces them to roll from side to side. Brain Fag brings about the headaches in overtaxed children.

This remedy is very useful in persons who have a Pterygium in the eye, which smarts and causes watering of the eye. It is useful when the Pterygium is in the inner angle of the eye.  It is useful in cases of inflammation of the conjunctiva. It is useful in Ptosis of the eyelid.  This remedy is also useful in persons who have blurring of the inner half of the eye.

This remedy suits persons who have a dry throat with an inclination to hawk tenacious mucous.

This remedy suits persons who have hiccough, nausea and vomiting of bitter mucous. This remedy suits persons who have burning in the stomach from sweet things and cannot tolerate the least bit of wine. This remedy suits persons who have a ravenous hunger and cannot eat fast enough.

This remedy suits persons who can only pass urine when sitting bent backwards. This remedy suits persons with hysterical retention of urine. This remedy also suits persons who have involuntary urination while walking, coughing or sneezing.

This remedy suits persons who have a sudden cessation of diarrhoea, which is followed by cerebral symptoms.

This remedy is useful in males who have testicular swelling with violent errections with hypochondriasis  with falling of the pubic hair.

It suits female subjects who have a tendency for nymphomania, whose nipples are sore and whose breasts are painful. This suits females who feel better from the onset of their periods.

This remedy is useful in backaches where the subject cannot bear to have his back touched which, is worse sitting. This remedy is useful for those subjects whose neck becomes weary after writing or prolonged exertion.

This remedy is useful when the extremities feel weak and there is twitching and the subject cannot keep still. It is a good remedy for RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME.  It is also useful when subjects have the sensation of Formication in the soles of the feet.

This remedy  is useful in Somnambulism, when the child cries out in the sleep and jerks and wakes up frightened.

This remedy suits subjects, who are worse from the menstrual period, worse touch, worse 5 to 7 pm, worse after dinner and worse from wine.

This remedy suits subjects who are better from eating, discharges and appearance of eruptions.

This remedy can be compared with Agaricus, Ignatia, Plumbum, Argentum, Pulsatilla, Helleborus and Tuberculinum.


A tedious aggravation in the convulsion and fever, and a continuous brain cry is to be expected if a perfect cure is to result after the administration of


Dr. Kent.  M.D.

This is a sovereign remedy in Post-measles Encephalitis; ZINCUM.

Dr. E. W. Hubbard. M.D.

This is beneficial in Diabetic Neuritis.

Dr. R.A. F. Jack. M.D.