Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 192.


It has marked effects on the throat.

It is useful in Follicular Pharyngitis.

It is useful in irritable throats of singers and public speakers where there is a constant clearing and the throat feels swollen.

It suits those persons who throats have a tendency to get worse while talking and singing.

It suits those persons, who have a constant desire to swallow with a constant desire to swallow.

This remedy is also useful in haemorrhoids.

This remedy is useful in Hay fever, where there is itching in the posterior nares.

This remedy is useful in cases where there is a dry hacking cough caused by the tickling of the epiglottis.

This remedy suits those who have fever at 11 am with a thirst for iced water during the chill.  The fever is associated with sweat all night.

This remedy is compared with others such as; Arum T, Lachesis and Sanguinaria.


Wyethia is a specific when with the usual symptoms of Hay Fever, there is itching of the Soft Palate. 

Dr. E. A. Farrington. M.D.