Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 21.



It is derived from the White Bryony plant, found all over Europe, especially in Germany and France.

This remedy acts on all the serous membranes and the viscera they contain.

The general character of pain in this remedy is STITCHING, TEARING, WORSE BY MOTION AND BETTER BY REST.

The patient is very irritable, inclined to be vehement and angry.

It suits subjects who are anxious, angry and obstinate.

It suits children who are fretful and dislike being carried or being raised.

It is a useful remedy when the patients are sluggish in nature and their complaints develop slowly.

It suits subjects, who fear death and poverty.

It suits subject, whose complaints develop after an exposure to cold or when warm weather sets in after cold days

The mucous membranes are all dry and there is an excessive thirst.

The stools are dry, hard and stony.

The rheumatic pains and swellings are often associated with effusion of the synovial membranes.

The patient experiences painful stitching pain and stiffness in the small of the back.

It is useful in Pleuro-pneumonia with a dry hacking cough. It is magical in acute pleurisy, where there is a stitching or tearing pain worse from coughing, movement, sneezing and even the breathing is painful.
This remedy is useful in acute mastitis, where the breasts become hot, inflamed, and painful and heave and the patient feels compelled to support the breast to prevent the slightest movement.

This remedy is useful in acute hepatitis, where the liver is congested, inflamed and enlarged with stitching pain in the right hypochondrium, worse from motion or changing position and better from lying on the right or painful side.

It is useful in Typhoid fever, when the symptoms develop sluggishly, associated with a headache, coated tongue and thirst for large quantities of water and the patient lies very quietly, due to the soreness of the body and likes cool open air.
This remedy is useful in meningitis arising after the suppression of exanthematous fevers.

The patient is worse by warmth, the least motion, eating, hot weather, exertion and touch.

The patient feels better lying on the painful side, pressure, rest and cold things.


I use only the most often indicated remedy in the first stages of Appendicitis, usually being BRYONIA, the symptoms being characteristic of this trouble. I recommend surgery unless marked improvement is evident within 24 hours.
Dr. Walter James.

In peritonitis, Bryonia is useful when we desire to remove the effused fluid, as soon as possible.
Dr. Boehr.

The pathological picture, developed by the super-invention of Pericarditis, during pneumonia or pleurisy generally corresponds very fully with the pathogenesis of BRYONIA.

Dr. Boehr.

BRYONIA is generally considered a remedy for acute diseases but I know of no more frequently needed medicine for those elderly women who are constipated and suffer much with vertigo. Bryonia is almost an absolute specific for those cases, many of which are slightly rheumatic.

Dr. William Henry Schwartz, M.D.

No remedy in the Materia Medica has a stronger claim to a position among the anti-pneumonia remedies than BRYONIA, judging from both its provings and clinical experience.

Dr. Goodnough.

In the second stage of pleurisy, after the stage of serous effusion has commenced, no remedy can equal BRYONIA.

Dr. Burt.

For Pleuro-pneumonia BRYONIA is almost a specific.

Dr Burt.

In the acute digestive complication of Influenza, the drug that I have found most frequently indicated is BRYONIA. Here we have a classical picture of acute gastritis, with extreme abdominal sensitiveness, intense nausea, aggravated by any movement; better by eructation and relief from hot drinks. This is not infrequently a complication that yields very readily to BRYONIA.
Dr. D.M Borland, M.B., Ch.B., F.F Hom (Lond).

BRYONIA takes care of the vaccination reaction following Anti-typhoid and anti-paratyphoid shots.
Dr. A. H. Grimmer, M.D.

This remedy is extremely useful in fevers, where the patient just lies still and has a thirst for large quantities of water. I have also seen that it is useful in cases of Post-viral Pleural effusion and it aids in re-absorption of the pleural effusion and reduces the pain during the inspiration. It is also useful in many case of constipation.


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