Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 37



This remedy is derived from the plant, Matricaria Chammomila. This remedy is useful in children who are peevish, restless and who suffer from colic.


It is useful when the child is restless, wants many things and wants to be carried and petted constantly. It is also useful when the child is impatient, intolerant, spiteful and snappish.


It is very useful in acute earache with swelling around the mastoid region that drives the patient frantic.

The remedy is useful when the child is sensitive to all smells with colds and does not sleep because of the cold.

The peculiarity of this remedy is that ONE CHEEK IS HOT AND ONE CHEEK IS COLD.


It is extremely useful in toothache, worse after a warm drink, worse from coffee at night.

This remedy is also useful when the patient has a foul eructation with nausea after coffee and has an aversion to warm drinks. The abdomen is distended with griping in the navel with a flatulent colic.

This remedy is useful in duodenitits.

The remedy is useful in children who have hot, green; fetid like chopped white eggs with yellow mucous this remedy is useful in diarrhea dentition.

The remedy is useful in hoarseness and rawness of the larynx, with rattling in the child’s chest.


It is useful for stiffness in the neck muscles.

It is useful in violent rheumatic pains that disturb the sleep.

It is useful when there is drowsiness with moaning, weeping and wailing in sleep.

The remedy suits patients who are worse by heat, anger, open air, wind and night.

The patients feel better from being carried and in warm wet weather.


CHAMMOMILA: For muscular and nerve pain; valuable especially in the aftermath of injury in children; will often have more of a sedative effect than CODEINE.
Dr. C. C. Boericke, M.D.

Asthmatic attack induced by anger: CHAMMOMILA.
Dr. Krichbaum, M.D.

Remember that many patients seem oversensitive to pains and the remedy may be CHAMMOMILA, instead of Morphine.
Dr. Dewey, M.D.

CHAMMOMILA is a valuable remedy in labor; the pains shoot upwards and pass off down the inner sides of the thighs. The patient may be very cranky and orders the Doctor out of the room. It is also a useful remedy for postpartum pains when the patient has stood a great deal, is hypersensitive and worn out.
Homeopathic Recorder, August 32.

Convulsions coming on in a child after punishment may call loudly for CHAMMOMILA OR IGNATIA.

Bad effects of Narcotics: CHAMMOMILA AND ACETIC ACID.
Dr. Boericke, M.D.

CHAMMOMILA will stop the vomiting of Morphia in a few minutes.
Dr. Kent, M.D.


This is a magical remedy when children cry and scream in pain from middle ear infection or during dentition.

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