Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 38


It is derived from a plant, called as Celandine.


It is a prominent liver remedy and is useful for jaundice.

It is useful in all ailments that are brought about with the change in weather.

It is useful in Hydrocoele.

It is useful when there is a bad odor from the mouth, when there is a bitter taste. It is useful when there is nausea and vomiting that is, temporarily relieved by eating. This remedy is also useful when the tongue is thick, coated and yellow.


It is useful for jaundice due to hepatic obstruction. It is useful in Gallstones.



This remedy is useful in constipation, when the stools are hard like sheep’s dung, pasty and may alternate with diarrhea. This remedy is useful in burning and itching of the anus.

This remedy is useful in right-sided migraine, worse from warmth and motion and better from vomiting bile.

This remedy is useful in ailments, which are associated with constant pain under the inner angle of the scapula, with a desire for hot drinks that are vomited, as soon as the weather changes.


White Leucorrhoea that leaves yellow spots on clothes: No drug has it but CHELLIDONIUM.
Dr. Alberts. Lamar Dela Rosa, M.D.

My experience with CHELLIDONIUM in Pneumonia is that when the liver is implicated, and the right lung is affected, it will prove useful, if a yellow slimy diarrhea is found.
Dr. Hale, M.D.

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