Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 4



It is a useful remedy in dryness of the mucous membranes and skin.

 It is useful in old persons who lack vital heat and who have debility.

 It is extremely useful in constipation, where the stools are hard and dry. The patient has no desire to pass stools and even soft stools are difficult to pass.

 This remedy is useful in chronic rhinitis with ozaena.

images4Craving for chalk

 This remedy is useful in removing the craving for chalk, charcoal and dry food.

 The remedy suits persons who have an aversion to meat and in whom potatoes disagree.


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 For the sore throat of Clergymen and other public speakers, who are thin in flesh, there is no remedy equal to ALUMINA.

 Dr. Durham, M.D.

Dr. Durham recommends ALUMINA for violent cough excited by an elongated uvula.

Dr. Hughes, M.D.


I find this remedy very useful in constipation with hard stools with a lot  soreness of the anus. It is a useful remedy for constipation in children and old patients.  It is also useful for sore throat of public speakers.  It is a useful remedy in subjects, who find that they cannot digest potatoes and meat.

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