Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 57.



This remedy is derived from the Croton oil seed that is found growing wildly in India and Sri Lanka.


It is a valuable remedy in diarrhea in summer, for summer complaints and skin affections.

The remedy is useful when the stools are copious, watery with much urging. The stools are always forcibly shot out with a gurgling sound in the intestines and there is always constant urging of stools with sudden evacuation.


It is useful when there is intense itching of the skin but the skin becomes painful when scratched. It is useful in Shingles with smarting pain. It is useful in vesicular eczema, where the pustules itch intensely and the patient feels better with gentle rubbing.

It is useful when the night urine is foaming, dark orange in color, turbid on standing, with greasy particles floating on the top. The day urine is pale with white sediment.

This remedy is useful in cough with alternating skin symptoms and in cases of total loss of voice after drinking cold water, while being over heated.

This remedy is best suited when the patient is worse from least food or drink, during summer, night, morning and during washing.


CROTON TIGLIUM is the most reliable remedy in Ascites with Cirrhosis of the liver.
Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

CROTON TIGLIUM has a complete loss of voice from drinking cold water when over heated.
Dr. H. M. Edwards.

CROTON TIG. Is especially valuable in eczema, in which disease, we have in numerous instances proved it to be a most reliable remedy.

Dr. Ruddock, M.D., Dr. Nixon, M.D.

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