Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 63.




It is derived from the shrub called as Bitter sweet and it was Dr. Hahnemann, who proved this remedy.

This remedy is suitable to persons who become worse from exposure to damp cold weather.

It is useful in cold sores and facial neuralgia.

It is useful when the eyes are inflamed with hay fever like symptoms.

It is also useful in cutting pains around the navel, when the stools are slimy, bloody and mucous.

This remedy is useful when the patient has an urge to urinate when chilled.

This remedy is useful for rashes that come on before menses.

This remedy is useful when the asthma and cough come on in hot weather.

This remedy is useful in neck stiffness, shoulder stiffness, backache and lameness that become worse after getting cold and wet.

This remedy is useful in paralysis of limbs when the feet are ice cold.

This remedy is also useful in warts, which appear in the hands and the face.
This remedy is useful in itching in the skin, which is worse in cold weather.

This remedy is useful in any condition that is worse in cold wet damp weather.

This remedy suits persons who are generally worse at night, from cold weather and damp rainy weather. These persons are generally better from moving about and external warmth.


An observation concerning DULCAMARA over a period of many years has been confirmed repeatedly in its power to cure almost any case of Impetigo contagiosa, characterized by quickly forming yellow crusts that soon take on a brownish hue. These lesions clear up quickly after the remedy and we all know how persistent and difficult this condition is under regular, routine treatment.
Dr. A H Grimmer, M.D.

DULCAMARA is a honey for alternation of eczema and asthma with dreadful restlessness.
Dr. Elizabeth Hubbard.

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