Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 64.



This remedy is useful when there is severe dull pain in the bladder and urination does not help relieving it.

It is useful when there is severe pain at the end of urination and the urine flows drop by drop, with sharp cutting pain in the urethra while urinating.

This remedy is useful in incontinence in urine in children who dream of passing urine in their sleep and actually do so.

It is a great remedy to cure the bed-wetting habit.

It is useful in urinary incontinence with involuntary stools.

This remedy is useful in pregnancy with albuminuria and retention with mucous in the urine.

It is also useful in conjunctivitis.


May I dare to give you at least an example of my Homeopathic treatment of enuresis in children, which relieved in most cases with SULFUR 200 C to be given once weekly and the other six days PLANTAGO 30 C and EQUISETUM 30 C either in alternation or the same day.

Dr. Aversenq.

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