Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 7


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This remedy is made from a chemical salt of Antimony and Potassium.

This remedy is useful in the treatment of Respiratory diseases where there is a rattling of mucous with little expectoration.

It is useful in cases, which have great sleepiness with nearly all complaints.

 It is useful in dysuria (difficulty in passing urine), strangury and hematuria.

 It is useful in burning of the rectum with mucous stools.


 This remedy is useful in violent pain in the lumbo-sacral region.


 This remedy suits persons who are worse at night, damp cold weather, with sour things and milk.


 It suits persons who have a great desire for apples, fruits and acids.

 It is useful, when patients have vertigo alternating with drowsiness.


 It suits patients, who have ailments, which come on after the bad effects of vaccination.


 It is useful in expelling foreign bodies from the trachea and the larynx. A word of caution here. It is much better to consult a specialist in these cases.

 It is useful when Jaundice is associated with Pneumonia.

 It is useful in Rheumatic pains.


 It is useful in chicken pox and it helps the resolution of the pustular eruptions.


 ANTIM TART has several times proved curative, in the hands of Drs. Wurmb and Caspar of acute edema of the lungs.  I have myself much confidence in its power of removing this condition when occurring in the course of general dropsy.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

 I found that ANTIM TART, 30x was almost a specific for babies who had diarrhea and also vomited.

Meredith Starr.

ANTIM TART is unquestionably the great remedy for broncho-pneumonia.

Dr. Nichol.

ANTIM TART is suitable in cases characterized by the persistency of hepatization with difficult expectoration.

Dr. Jousset.


ANTIM TART, 30-200 is a near specific remedy for Impetigo.

Dr. Foubister. M.B. D.C.H, etc

This remedy may be tried in persons with a rattling cough where mucous is not easily expelled. It would be better to do a complete blood count and see that there is no severe lung infection before giving this remedy. It also helps in curing non specific mild rheumatic pain. It also helps in clearing up the pustular phase in Chicken pox in children. It is best given in low potencies.

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