Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 84.



This remedy is derived from the plant called as the Golden Seal.


It is useful for old easily tired persons with great debility, weak muscles, poor digestion and obstinate constipation.

It is a useful remedy in cancer of the stomach and it seems to retard the progress of the cancer, before it ulcerates.

It is useful in small pox, both internally as well as in application of skin.

This remedy has a marked action on the liver or gall bladder.

All discharges are yellow, thick and creamy. These can be from any area, be it the throat, chest, stomach or uterus. They are excoriating and raw in nature.

This remedy is useful in catarrhal conditions of the nose, throat, bronchi, lungs, Gastro-intestinal tract and vagina, where the discharges are tenacious, thick and ropy yellow.

This remedy is useful in dragging pain in the right groin cutting into the right testicle.

This remedy is useful in bronchitis in old exhausted people with tenacious sputum.


We know of no medicine, which has caused so great an improvement in the general health of our cancer patients as HYDRASTIS CANDENSIS, an improvement that, in most cases, has become visible in the bettered expression of the countenance of the patients.

Drs Marston and Melimont.

For Local treatment of In-growing toenail, HYDRASTIS OINTMENT is useful.

Dr Ruddock, M.D.

In excoriation of the skin of infants, HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS has been found to useful when CALENDULA has failed. A lotion of 1/10 in water applied with lint, acts with great rapidity, Glycerin is however, a better vehicle than water,
Dr. Ruddock, M.D.

My chief experience with HYDRASTIS has been the treatment of constipation for which it is a precious remedy far superior to the NUX VOMICA, usually prescribed. It is in cases when constipation stands alone or is the cause of other ailments, that I find HYDRASTIS valuable.
Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

In all forms of stomatitis of children, HYDRASTIS CANEDENSIS is valuable in simple ulceration, in mercurial sore mouths, and in maternal stomatitis. We have found obstinate cases in which other remedies have failed, to yield to a wash of HYDRASTIS, used several times a day.
Dr. Ruddock, M.D., Dr. Nixon, M.R.C.S.

I have used HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS in conjunctivitis locally and internally with good results.
Dr. Palmer.

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