Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 89.



This remedy is derived from a shrub bearing the same name. It is also called as IPECAC.

It is a useful remedy. It stimulates the pneumo-gastric nerve and produces spasmodic irritation of the chest and the stomach.


The persistent feature of this remedy is persistent nausea and vomiting.

It is indicated in persons who do not digest raisins, cakes and other kinds of indigestible food.

It is useful in adults and children who are feeble and catch cold in a warm, moist weather.

This remedy is also useful in hemorrhages, which are bright red and profuse.


This remedy is useful in amebic dysentery with tenesmus and cutting pain, which is worse around the navel.

It is useful in females, who have profuse bright, gushing with nausea.


It is also useful in vomiting during pregnancy.


The remedy is useful when there is dyspnoea, with constriction in the chest with asthma. The patient has yearly attacks of difficult shortness of breathing. The cough is incessant, violent and comes on with each breath. This remedy is useful when the chest is full of phlegm and bubbling rales. It is useful in whooping cough, with nasal bleed. It is also useful when there is bleeding from the lungs with nausea and a feeling of constriction.

It is useful when there is intermittent fever, with slight chill and nausea and relapses, which come on from an improper diet.

This remedy suits persons who are worse periodically, from eating veal, moist warm wind and while lying down.

In a very large percentage of cases when the vomiting of pregnancy starts, a few Homeopathic doses of IPECAC will completely control it. The danger is prevented and does not need to met.
Dr. D. M. Borland, M.B., Ch.B., F.F. H.

I could not practice Medicine without IPECAC because of its importance in Hemorrhages, I mean uterine hemorrhage, hemorrhage from the kidneys, bowels, stomach, lungs. In the severest forms of uterine hemorrhage, the Homeopathic Physician is able to do without mechanical means, except where mechanical means are causing the hemorrhage.
Dr. Kent, M.D.

I would say that 8 to 9 times out of 10, IPECAC has been the one that has given me the quickest results in those children.
Dr. Roger A. Schmidt, M.D.

I have often seen one drop of IPECAC 16 C or 30 C in half hour repetition restores the normal vocal cord function at the end of 4 to 5 hours.
Dr. Cartier Williams.

IPECAC often acts like an antidote in morphine poisoning.
Dr. Chabra.

IPECAC, IRIS VERSICOLOR, SANGUINARIA, MELILOTUS along with PULSATILLA can take care of most of the headaches. And this is not after the manner of Aspirin and its companion sedatives, but carefully matched it removes it lock stock and barrel.
Dr. T.K. Moore, M.D.

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