Some useful Homeopathic remedies. – Part 9


indexcraving for sweets.

This remedy is deep and long acting and is derived from pure silver.

It is a useful remedy where the neurotic effects are marked.  These patients are anxious and apprehensive about their health.

 It is useful in ailments in persons with a great desire for sweets.

 It is useful when there is a runny nose with sneezing.  It is also useful in cough, with expectoration of gray viscid sputum.

images2improves weak memory

 This remedy is useful in persons with a weak memory with melancholy and useful in examination funk.


 It is useful in headaches caused due to emotional disturbances such as hemi-cranial attacks.

 It is useful when the inner canthi are swollen and red. It is useful in purulent ophthalmia.  It is useful in chronic ulceration of the margin of the lids, which are sore and thick.  It is useful in restoring the power of the weakened ciliary muscles.  It is useful in chronic granular conjunctivitis.

 This remedy suits persons who have a raw throat, which is sore and there is a sensation of a splinter in the throat.  The throat is filled with thick mucous.  It is useful for hoarseness of professional singers and public speakers

 This remedy is useful in most gastric ailments where belching is associated with stomach complaints.  It is useful for explosive belching in neurotics.

 The colic is associated with flatulent distension and the stools are water, noisy, green like chopped spinach and offensive.  This remedy is useful diarrhea occurs after eating and drinking and after sweets.

This remedy is useful when the urine passes unconsciously, day or night.  The urethra is inflamed with burning pain and itching as if there is a splinter.  The urine is dark and scanty and there is emission of a few drops after it is finished.  It is useful whenever the urinary stream is divided.  It is useful in the early stage of gonorrhea, where there is a profuse discharge and terrible cutting pains; with bloody urine.


 This remedy is useful in males with impotence when the erection fails when coitus is attempted.

 This remedy is useful in females with profuse leucorrhoea with erosion of the cervix.

 It is useful in respiratory diseases with chronic hoarseness and high notes cause cough. It is also useful in Angina Pectoris with nightly aggravation and palpitation, with irregular pulse.

 This remedy suits persons who are worse warmth in any form at night, after eating, from cold food, at the menstrual period, from emotions and lying on the left side.

 This remedy also suits persons who are better from eructation, fresh air, cold and pressure.


 ARGENTUM NITRICUM is best applicable when heart attacks set in severely, after meals.

Dr. Leo Bonnin.

In the gastrointestinal sphere where there is a history of an old duodenal ulcer with intolerable burning epigastric pain and much flatulence, ARGENTUM NITRICUM is our remedy: patients are usually thin, high strung and chronic worriers.

Dr. Eisfielder, M.D.

In simple paraplegia from exhaustion, I have more than once found ARGENTUM NITRICUM of signal service.

Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.


 A) In Post-Diphtheritic paralysis (CAUSTICUM, CONIUM, NATRUM MUR, PHOS, NAJA.)

 B) In paralysis of the lungs following Diphtheria (LACHESIS, GELSEMIUM, OPIUM).

 Dr. C.P. Bryant, M.D.


The greatest service that ARGENTUM NITRICUM performs is in purulent ophthalmia.  With a large experience in both hospital and private practice, we have not lost a single eye from this disease and everyone and everyone has been treated with internal remedies, most of them with ARGENTUM NITRICUM of a high potency, 30th or 200th.  We Have witnessed the most intense chemosis with strangulated vessels, most profuse purulent discharge, even the cornea beginning to get hazy, and looking as though it would slough, subside rapidly under ARGENTUM NITRICUM internally.  The subjective symptoms are almost none.  Their very absence, with the profuse purulent discharge and the swollen lids from a collection of pus in the eye, or swelling of the subconjuctival tissue of the lids themselves indicates the drug.

 Dr. Tyler, M.D.

 In dull chronic headaches of literary and businessman, ARGENTUM NITRICUM is much recommended.

 Dr. Hughes, L.R.C.P.

index4Cures Claustrophobia.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM cures claustrophobia.

Dr. Tyler, M.D.


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