Some useful Homeopathic remedies – Part 98.



It is one of the greatest nerve remedies. It is derived from Potassium Phosphate.

This remedy is useful when the patient suffers from prostration, weakness and fatigue. It suits warm-blooded subjects, who are worse in a warm and closed room and are better in open air.

It is useful in marked disturbance in the sympathetic nervous system. It also suits subjects, who are excitable, angered easily, obstinate and in those subjects who are changeable in moods and fearful in the night, of death and of falling. It is useful in Neurasthenia, mental and physical depression.


On a Mental plane this remedy is useful when patients suffer from anxiety, lethargy, indisposition to meet people, when patients are very irritable and suffer from brain fag. It is also useful in cases of hysteria, loss of memory and somnabulence. It is a useful remedy when the slightest labor seems to be a heavy task and there is shyness with a disinclination for conversation.


It is a useful remedy when the breath is fetid and the patient feels an all gone feeling in the pit of the stomach.

It is also useful whenever there is diarrhea with a foul putrid odor and the diarrhea increases while eating and there is a prolapse of the rectum.

It is a useful remedy when the menstruation is delayed, scanty feeble and when the labor pains are ineffectual.


This remedy is useful whenever there are nocturnal emissions, and whenever the sexual power is diminished and there is utter prostration after coitus.


It is a useful remedy whenever there is incontinence of urine and bleeding from the urethra.

It is a useful remedy whenever there is a paralytic lameness of the back and the extremities exhibit sub-normal temperature. It is useful in gangrenous conditions.

This remedy suits persons who are worse after excitement, worry, mental or physical exertion, eating and in the early morning cold.

This remedy suits persons who are better from warmth, rest and from good nourishment.


KALI PHOS is useful when the skin is drawn tight over the wound after the removal of cancer.

Dr. Ghosal.

When a care-laden individual threatens to become a victim of melancholia, KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM tabs 4x should be used in an attempt to prevent that development.
Dr. Meta Gumpertz.

Women who live in towns are apt to have a deficiency of Kali Phos. They are improved by its administration; an increased quantity finds its way into the milk of a suckling mother and thus both she and her child are simultaneously benefited.
Dr. Ringer.

Kali Phos 3x, given 3 times a day is valuable when weakness from exertion of body and mind in sensitive and depressed patients is coupled with loss of interest in food generally.

Dr. W. M. Goodwin.

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