Health can be looked upon as a spectrum, where one end is positive health and the other extreme is death.  Most persons are seemingly not ill, but from the Holistic point of view, AVERAGE HEALTH IS NO HEALTH AT ALL.

Causes of diseases:

Holistic health specialists believe that diseases result from causes such as:

  • An acute disease, which has been treated incorrectly.
  • Allopathic Medicines used can cause chronic ill health, as they are foreign to the human body.
  • Biological inheritance from the parents and ancestors, which belongs to the field of Genetics.
  • The Polluted environment can result in diseases.
  • The disordered mind, with faulty ambitions and unrealistic desires.

Holistic laws of health:

  1. The Law of Excretion: This law is inherent to every cell. The elimination of toxins is of paramount importance for healing the human body.
  2. The Law of Assimilation: In a disease state, the nutrition must be balanced and absorbable by the body.  The nutrition may vary from water, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and glucose.  In some conditions, fasting the patient helps the elimination process and aids in healing.
  3. The Law of Flow:  The circulation of the body is important to heal the body.  The circulation within each cell is important to improve the intra-cellular metabolism. The proper circulation of the Vital Energy or ‘Prana’ is important to achieve Spiritual health.
  4. The Law of Relaxation:  This law is important for healing of the body.  It helps improve the circulation and includes Relaxation, Massage, Hydrotherapy, Calisthenics, Yoga, Pranayama and deep breathing exercises.
  5. The Law of Emotion:  This law mainly deals with the control of the mind, unwanted desires and negative emotions.


The five laws of health are Holistic laws.  The application of these laws in life will help those with average health achieve optimum health, as intended by nature.  When these laws are applied along with higher spiritual laws governing the soul, then Supra-normal health is achieved and the mind, body and soul of the person are attuned to the “Divine Consciousness”.

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