In the late 1970’s, allopathic physicians foolishly believed that the war on the bugs was won. It was during this period, when there was spectacular development of new antibiotics like Doxycycline and a new class of antibiotics called as the Cephalosporins.  The World Health Organization was talking of a slogan, ‘ HEALTH FOR ALL BY THE YEAR 2000 A.D.’

Little did allopathic physicians realize that the bacteria and the viruses were hatching their own diabolical plan to make man helpless against their onslaught.  In the 1970’s complementary systems were generally looked down upon and Alternative therapy schools were few and far between and people looked down upon Alternative health practitioners..

President Richard Nixon’s visit to the US to China did sparkle  a brief interest in Acupuncture.  Then we had the devastating epidemic of HIV-AIDS in the 80’s. It was becoming evident that the sexually transmittable diseases were making a come back. There were other viruses such as SARS, Bird flu. The humble staphylococcus was becoming resistant to Vancomycin and new terms called as MRSA, ESBL’s,  VRE’s  became common words to describe these super bugs. It now seemed that medicine had turned around one full circle. Practitioners of medicine realized that they should also concentrate on the immunity of the community, instead of going after the bugs alone. Complementary medicine made a big come back in the late 80’s and 90’s.

Alternative medicine schools:

Alternative medicine schools or Naturopathic schools provide unique teaching methods that are not available in allopathic schools. These schools incorporate the Mind-Body and the Soul concept in their teaching.  They integrate divine, , and religious traditions, along with emerging complementary systems of medicine in their teaching curriculum.    Alternative medicine schools often include many alternative healing modalities such as; Ayurveda; homeopathy naturopathy;; acupuncture and acupressure; chiropractic; hydrotherapy; hypnotherapy; and many other Holistic therapies

It is well known that a disease is caused by a triad of factors;  THE AGENT (bug), THE HOST RESISTANCE AND ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS.  The primary belief of holistic medicine schools is that the virus or the bug is not the cause of disease. They believe that diseases are caused as a consequence of the body’s reaction to the pathogen.  These practitioners focus on improving the person’s immunity to fight off disease.


Various naturopathic medical schools teach natural healing methods that are effective in treating a wide array of major and minor medical conditions.  Medical research has proved that many of the complementary systems are indeed very effective.  It is seen that the demand for such schools and practitioners is growing.  Complementary  Medicine promotes patient empowerment and promotes health in a holistic way.  Alternative medicine schools also teach the value of good nutrition, supplemental vitamins and minerals.  It also promotes the use of herbal medicine.  More and more Alternative Medical Schools are springing up the world over and they offer a great career option to holistically minded students.

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