The late Prime minister of India, Mr. Morarji Desai created quite a flutter, when he openly propagated drinking one’s own urine for good health. Since then, a lot of laboratories all over the world have been engaged in research to find out the efficacy of this therapy.

Historical and Religious Evidence:

Ayurvedic masters like, Sushrutha, Vagabhatta and Harita have explicitly extolled the medical virtues of auto-urine therapy. In the Damar Tantra, Lord Shiva has given a discourse to Devi Parvati about the benefits of drinking one’s own urine.

Dr. John Armstrong of the USA has claimed that even the Testament extorts people to drink their own urine. To quote – “Drink waters out of thine own cistern” – unquote.

Tibetan and Buddhists lamas live long and healthy lives by drinking their own urine.

It is well known that Gypsies, sailors, criminals and dacoits drink their own urine to maintain health and strength.

The chemical composition of urine:

Urine is rich is Urea nitrogen, urea, uric acid, amino nitrogen, minerals and trace elements, enzymes (amylase, lactic dehydrogenace, Urokinase), hormones and urobilinogen.

Auto-urine therapy may be useful:

  • Urine contains essential nutrients
  • It contains highly active enzymes such as; urokinase, that can burst clots in the heart and prevent heart attacks.
  • It contains valuable salts for the body.
  • It possesses anti-bacterial properties.
  • Increase the body immunity
  • Improve the kidney function
  • Confers longevity and good health and acts like an elixir for a healthy life.

Limitations of Auto Urine therapy:

  • It should be avoided in Diabetes Mellitus.
  • It should be avoided in all disorders where salt is contraindicated, example in severe hypertension.
  • It should not be used in Kidney failure.


This therapy is extremely controversial. Many Allopathic physicians are skeptical about the benefits of Auto-urine therapy and they argue that urine is a substance that has been rejected by the body, so why drink it?  There are others who feel that urine may contain pathogenic bacteria.  There can be endless debates, but numbers of persons drinking their own urine is on the rise.